Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


If…I…just…use…stealth…I…can…Oi Oi!!! :joy:


Just done the Gerudo temple.

God fucking damn. Hardest puzzles and one of the hardest bosses I’ve ever faced in Zelda. It just repeatedly decimated me. Anyone know if the bosses scale to your strength level? Otherwise no idea how someone could try it as their first temple. Had previously thought i was nearly ready to give Hyrule Castle a shot, but now there’s no way that’s happening.


So I can avoid that first, which direction is it in? I have assumed Death Mountain direction is Goron, but I’ve no idea of the others.


gerudo desert is the southwest, takes a while to get there and there a fun side quests on the way so i wouldn’t worry too much about avoiding it, just maybe wait a while before taking on the temple


Guys, I ordered a Switch and Zelda last night. Hold me.


Welcome to our gang (well, I don’t ACTUALLY own a Switch, but I’m just reveling in having a game to talk about FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A DECADE OF POSTING ON HERE that is actually good, instead of charming but totally outdated).


One of us! One of us! One of us!


This makes me feel much better about my complete capitulation of resolve


I’ve no idea how I’ve managed not to give in yet. By rights, I should have bought in way before most of you lot!


It kind of feels like working clockwise would be the logical choice form the map layout. However, I kind of want to take advantage of the ability to do it in an order. But, I am not ready for major tests of my ability…


I mean anti-clockwise…


Trying to find weapons for that kid who likes weapons and he’s just asked for a bow I’ve never seen. Cheers for that. Off to hang with the Zorans in the rain for a bit instead.


Just fought my first Lynel, fuck me that was a feat


I like how relevant this always seems when this sort of thing happens


Some good debate on this on Giant Beastcast this week. Quite a few minor grievances I agree with, such as slightly too much inventory management, the lack of useful stamp icons for the map screen and the inability to repeat cook dishes but much more to love. One minor spoiler about where to get a climbing upgrade too FYI. Worth a listen.

Only thing slightly tarnishing this experience is the blank Wii U screen staring back at me when all the preview events showed it with a map and the inventory menu of Wind Waker HD on it. Feels it got culled to me to make the Switch version more desirable…

Last night, I did some of the things you guys mentioned and scaled Mount Lanaryu, I found that shrine and also discovered one cool shrine hidden near Zora’s Domain. Not really any decent rewards bar some climbing shoes!!!, which I’m in love with, but just a brilliant blast.


Hi gang, first post on DiS in ages, but I thought there might be a good BotW thread and you haven’t let me down.

I managed to get a Switch on launch day, and some fortuitous time off before I start my new job at the end of the month means I’ve been able to give this some serious time. Also helped by the fact the Switch is just so god damn playable. Relaxing with the thinly veiled whilst she watches some shit reality TV? Playing the Switch. On the train into town? Playing the Switch. etc.

Have completed three divine beasts . Ten hearts. 2.2 stamina wheels. Opened up all of the map except one more region. Will be kind of sad when I get that tower and there’s no more map left to open up.

I fucking love this game. Not sure I’ve ever enjoyed a game so much. Yes, the frame rate drops occasionally which can be jarring, and the inventory management is maybe not as slick as it could be (I agree that picking up a weapon when your inventory’s full should take you to that screen immediately), but the sheer magic of the environment and enjoyment of milling around without anything in particular in mind really makes this unique. Had my biggest “what the fuck?!” :astonished: moment earlier when I stumbled across the Lord of the Mountain by following a glow in the night sky. Didn’t manage to mount it but know what to do next time.


One thing i could do with is some context for the scoring of strength of weapons, shields etc. I’ve got a sword that’s 15 but I’m not sure how strong that is within the context of the Gameworld at this stage, does it go up to 100? Weak as fuck if so, up to 20 and it becomes something i should think about preserving…


Don’t bother preserving anything


Try not to worry about it too much, if you smack something and it doesn’t do much damage just use the more powerful weapon in your inventory, that’s what I tend to do, I stay in the mid range of my inventory and use the lower end and higher end ear accordingly


Glad you’re enjoying it- miles ahead of me!:slight_smile: