Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Don’t save anything at that level - there are always more. Also worth thinking about weapon speed/hit frequency with the weapons you use- i wouldn’t find some weighty slow weapon at strength 20 to be as good as something you can hit multiple times with at strength 15 (although it’ll probably break more quickly). Nothing seems to be irreplaceable. If you meet something you can’t beat with what you have, head i a different direction I and don’t fight them again until you do!


Good tips, cheers!


All my best weapons are on the wall in my house like I’m still playing skyrim!


This game has rekindled the sense of awe and exploration the world of Xenoblade Chronicles created many moons ago. That game - well, all open world games - will feel very antiquated after this but you know how I spent years banging on about it in the gaming thread? Well, its because the story was spread throughout the world like this game and the landscape was as constantly charming. I know Monolith Soft helped on this too. Glad some of their forward thinking gameplay decisions were embraced and improved on.


I got camel

The boss fight did expose the combat a bit though, I lost a few times because I couldn’t focus the boss after the 2nd stage because I couldn’t get him into my line of sight easiily due to the obstacles and fickle magnet controls which meant I got one shot a few times because I couldn’t telegraph his attack properly.

Really enjoyed the dungeon.


Logged over 30 hours in this in 12 days. That is the most concentrated playtime for a game I’m playing since I was a kid.

Completed the Zora Divine Beast last night - found the boss much easier than the Lynel I had to fight for the shock arrows.


You don’t have to fight the lynel

I’m 30 hours in and have done 2 devine beasts


Stealthed my way around there grabbing discarded arrows. Haven’t beaten a Lynel yet.
Note to self: ‘do a very poor Lynel Ritchie photoshop job’


I didn’t have to fight the Lynel, but boy did I want to.


Aha! They even actively discourage you!


Okay this is a poor effort but I had to do it


Just got Stasis +. Gamechanger! Suddenly feel like an unstoppable monster in 1 on 1 combat.

Also got climbing gear to go with me climbing boots :slight_smile: I think its now time to find something ridiculously tall and climb it (to go with me cold resistance headband)


Did the maze in Hebra. Was a good challenge, liked the way it tests your ability to break the rules. Absolutely terrifying sneaking past two white lynels to get there tho


900 Korok seeds. Get to fuck…




anyone else done that maze in the north east? man that was a pain in the arse BUT drop down underneath and loads of guardians and cool tiara!


I’m still enjoying this but I think I’m winding down now…collecting stuff in the world and fighting is kinda boring. Think it might be time to do the dungeons and call it.


Just killed me first Lynel <3 the stasis upgrade


tempted by this, but then I remember as much as Ocarina was my favourite game experience ever, I don’t think I’ve actually had the patience to complete a Zelda since, and I’m really annoyed at my lack of capacity/attention span to allow myself getting properly lost in games like this.

Read this whole thread with intrigue not really know what any of it means though. Is there still a main quest + has anyone actually completed that yet?


Yes there is a main quest. The difference here is your can complete the dungeons in the order of your choosing (i think). Far more other stuff to do than other Zelda ganes