Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


i like jim sterling too :slight_smile:

his site got DDoS’d over that zelda review, which is fucking stupid. no man’s sky fanboys did the same when he gave that a bad review. one of the funniest conspiracy theories from zelda fanboys is that he gave it a 7 so it would drag the aggregate score on metacritic down. personally i think he’s just being honest.


:smiley: he hates zelda anyway (apart from twilight princess for some reason) but i still enjoyed this


Everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you have genuine reasons for marking down there’s no problem with going against the grain. Barmy how much people let it affect them.

I’m hugely enjoying the game and it really is worth the hype but it’s not perfect and some of the criticism is warranted. I think the inventory management could have been slicker, weapons break a little too soon, and a full button remap should have been allowed. This to me has made the combat unnecessarily frustrating at times and as a result less enjoyable. However, I am clearly getting better as i can now finish off earlier enemies no problem. Maybe it’s just the difficulty curve. I would have liked a repeat cook recipe option somehow too.

As i say though, despite this it’s loads of fun and I’m only a fraction through the game. Can’t wait for the rest.


Enjoyed his dig at speedrunners alright.


His review persona hates pretty much everything tbf. It’s entertainment masquerading as a review (with nuggets of truth underlying what he says) rather than anything that reflects his real view and he deliberately doesn’t try and review on a game’s merits, but solely based on his opinion for that reason.

That said, I get a far better feeling of whether I’d like most games out of Yahtzee’s reviews than I tend to get out of most “serious” reviews.


Yeah he has gone on the record to say if he doesn’t mention something in a review that he’s probably okay with it.


kinda sad that this guy is still going.


Why is it sad?


well I didn’t watch this but I figure it’s the same old hyperbolic ranting that you kinda hope people grow out of as they get older?


Its meant to be funny. And im pretty sure he was old when he started


fair enough


My Switch got delivered today, but Zelda hasn’t bloody arrived yet. What a living nightmare.


Haven’t been able to play this since Monday, and may not get to again until Sunday. I’ve got withdrawal symptoms…


Has anybody experienced any bugs with bomb arrows? Twice now I’ve equipped bomb arrows and upon firing them they haven’t exploded on impact. I have had it work, not sure if i did something wrong


Was it raining?


Ooh you might get be right. It was definitely raining the second time as `i was on the path to Zora’s domain where it’s constantly raining because if the divine beast

First time i was fighting a hinox and the bomb arrows suddenly started working. I guess it might have been raining earlier in the right,i cant remember


I also preferred Windwaker due to it’s cutesy charm and story, but that’s because I’m a nostalgic wetbag who doesn’t deserve nice things like BotW.


Has anyone figured out what those little wind flowers are? Found two now…


Do you mean the little windmill things? Go up to them and it gives you a challenge to get Korok seeds, usually something to shoot arrows at


I literally just figured it out as you posted! Thanks!