Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


supposing i cave. where can i actually buy it? is it sold out?


I got an email from Amazon saying an order has been dispatched :smiley:

It was for bomberman :frowning:

Come on Amazon just take the money for the switch and Zelda already.


Amazon appear to have they grey units back in stock. Suppose these are pre orders that haven’t been fulfilled.


Oh fuck. I got a bunch of birthday money this week too.



yes probably until about 2025


Tesco seem to have grey ones on their website.


i do quite want one though

are there any reviews for bomberman yet? (no i can’t be bothered to look, yes, i know this is a zelda thread)


Seems okay if a little light on content, but the point is to play with others and that stuff seems to work well?


I played Majoras Mask 3D to hype me up but finished it cos it was actually such a great game. Gonna give Master Quest a quick try to try and stop myself reading Breath of the Wild spoilers


master quest is pretty annoying tbh


Would I be wrong to buy this on Wii U[poll]

  • Of course not
  • HaHa…Wind Wanker


edge 10! fuckkkk


oh fuck i’m Zeldoing it.


I’ve never played a Zelda game really, but I kinda want to now.







If anyone’s trying to get a Switch copy for tomorrow, John Lewis have them in stock online with free delivery to JL/Waitrose stores. £60 online, but they’ll pricematch to Tesco’s price of £48 if you submit a request online.


Dispatched :smile:


SO What’s the best place to try and source a Switch from now? Zelda is lovingly covered by @chanticleer a couple of posts ago, thank you very much!