Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Last night I climbed Mount Lanayru for the first time and saved Nadyra from the blight of Ganon. Gliding around on the airflows then going in to slow mo to shoot the eyes off of him was incredible and looked astounding. My favourite moment of gameplay thus far.


It's rain related, and if you get a bomb arrow out in the rain and then put it away, it will still not light when you get it out in the dry later. I imagine you need to find a fire source for that one. However, I have yet to try holding it into a flame because it may explode in my hand.


Found a shrine last night that I spent an hour trying to get into. Have literally not got a clue how to do it.


Wow, that pretty crazy, Not sure I'd want to find out if you can dry a bomb arrow.


Managed to beat the mild test of strength shrine, which felt good after being brutally sliced up several times in the moderate one (still haven't beaten that one)


exactly what I managed to do the other night. I had previously wandered up to the moderate test of strength (after getting beaten the death by the gang on the way up). Then gave up and went (unknowingly) to the the major test of strength (nearby if you haven't found that). Gave up on that too.

Actually doing the minor test has given me some confidence to go back and have another crack.


Is the major one on that sandbank in the sea off Hateno Bay? Didn't even bother going there after getting slaughtered by the "moderate" robot


yep. I had no idea until I got there.


I've managed to beat both of them, which given how hard I suck at the combat and how I only had 5 hearts, seems pretty good in hindsight.

It took that flame sword, loads of blocking, running A LOT and a strength up meal to do it though.


I might stock up on a few bomb arrows and go for a strength up meal too.

By blocking do you just mean using your shield? Is that enough? I seem to remember dying pretty much after one hit.


If you time your shield block right, you get a brief repel and can force a few hits in that opening phase. I think some of the Guardian shields absorb the lazer fire too.

Using the columns in the room very tactically helps, such as hiding bombs behind which the guardian would blow up when they hit the pillars. BUT then you haven't got them to hand for the latter stages.

The last two phases of the fight are rock hard though (when they start firing lazers and activate the giant swinging weapon that causes the up-draught.

Think I limped over the line with next to no weapons left but it was doable, even with not a huge load of hearts or decent weaponry.


I found that the tests of strength were actually some of the most classic Zelda bits of the game. You'll need a few bits of decent gear and you just have to spot the patterns and rhythms. For example on the major test:

Once you get them down to the last third of their health bar and they start firing the lazer. There is actually quite a long cooldown period between the four bursts in which you can land a lot of hits on them with a fast hitting weapon. You can then just run around in a circle quite close to them whilst they fire off the laser and run back in on the next cooldown.


Difficult to get $$$ in this isn't it, what are yr techniques? I've just been flogging stuff to that backpack guy mainly.


yes but so far I haven't found a use for any of the gemstones (amber, ruby, topaz etc..) so I flog those and can quickly rack up some cash (in any shop, not just backpackers).


Yeah I've done the same. Sold loads of amber and opals. Kept the ruby and diamond though as they seem super rare.


keep the diamonds if you get a chance


Nice series of videos about how they made this game. Slight spoilers in terms of it includes a few cut scenes from what I presume are recovered memories and features a few locations in it, but nothing much else. Fascinating to see how they pieced it all together and built the whole thing as a 2D Zelda initially. Zelda Maker for Switch...?

Also, shows at least 10 things I've not even thought of doing yet. Holding down attack to do twirling axe attacks. Setting fire to grass to produce up-draughts. Kicking rocks at enemies. Batting enemy projectiles back at them using a club. So much still to muck around with.


Starting to hate the shrine music, especially when I'm stuck


Definitely will watch this for tips. The world is so interactive i keep feel I'm missing out if i don't work out interesting ideas. I did figure out the swirling axe attack though!


I have the same problem, just keep charging into enemies dodging and using swords. Feel like I'm missing out not coordinating huge damage with magnesia and stasis drops and octo balloon tree trunk combos