Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


two divine beasts down, bout 15 hearts and two full wheels of stamina, still only been to about 50% of the map!


I'm watching the TV play right now, his horse just fell into a river and he's spent half an hour trying to whistle it out :joy:


First major test of strength taken down without dying. First Lynel was a massacre though. Jesus i don't want to fight one of those guys again in a hurry. Had to use the best two weapons I've found in the whole game to beat it...


So wish I'd bought a Switch to play this on. Not at home for about 7 of the next 15 nights. 7 nights I could largely play Zelda uninterrupted if I owned a Switch...


True facts

I've spent more time playing Zelda in handheld mode than on the tele despite not having any sharing issues to worry about.


Doesn't surprise me at all. Often found myself playing games on the Gamepad screen. If I could transfer my save over, and MK8 Wii U owners got a discount for the imminent Deluxe release, I'd be tempted to buy one this week.


There's an interesting developer roundtable discussion on the GameInformer podcast about BOTW this week. Really interesting hearing from developers as opposed to gamers about it.

General gist: they can't fathom how Nintendo created this


I enjoyed this, here's a link btw

Great howtheguy in Kyoto is friends with Aonuma and quizzed him, drunk, at his birthday party during the games dev, ha!

One of these guys is at 75 hours and only completed one beast, that's a lot of roaming around!


Is there a way to see how many hours you've put in?


Yeah. Go to your user profile where it lists the games you've got/played and it says your play time to the nearest hour


My go to way for stocking up on arrows is just rinsing the Lizaflos who live on the route to Zora's domain. Any other stash tips?


After one week of play (before then it just has the date of your first load) and to the nearest 5hrs. The parental controls app displays play time to the nearest minute.


Oh ok. Hadn't realised it was to the nearest 5 hours. Hooray for the parental controls app!


I downloaded it for this very reason! Very slick it is too.


Those big metal boxes that you can pick up with the magnet thingy- manoeuvre them as high into the air as you can and drop them- quite often arrows/rupees/food in them when they break


You know those Korok seeds you can collect to increase your inventory? Here's what you get when you collect all 900 of them:

Totally worth it - a lump of shit!


This is excellent. thanks for posting it


Wow, just beat the lynel on ploymus mountain. Epic battle. My missus was watching and even she's shaking afterwards. The looks like i could have avoided him and snook around collecting arrows but i really wanted to erase the fucker


Nice work. Pretty awesome isn't it? I tried all sorts to beat him; shock arrows into the water he was stood in, remote bombs, jumping off rocks to hit him, building a prison of ice to trap him in and limit his turning circle.