Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


I tried moving onto a rock but he just disappeared only to reappear the moment i got down.

Interesting idea with the ice…


I love doing the shrines so much, would love this game even if it was just shrine discovery, the sense of satisfaction from them is amazing.


I’ve only just started. Like 15 minutes in.


One of the shrines is a golf mini game, very Nintendo.


Motion controlled golf minigame*

So yes, very nintendo


are the graphics shit?


actually it’s really beautiful.


incredible graphics - not necessarily in a technical sense, but in an artful way. So beautiful. Such aesthetic.


I’m really happy with the art direction. I was unsure after watching trailer whether cel-shaded characters mixed with non-cel-shaded environment would work but it’s brilliant. The characters are far more emotive as a result and the enemy animation spot on. It really brings the world to life whereas sometimes characters can seem stiff and wooden when realism is the intended look.

Technically, considering it’s a last gen port, they have achieved great things. The switch is obviously capable of more. But still my jaw is regularly open.


I spent 3 hours tonight trying to bash a stone ball into a hole 100 metres away, ride a stag, conquer Eventide Island and make some general progress. Failed on all 4 counts barring I found a new stable.


Have just completed the game (Ganon is defeated at least) last fight was pretty great.


The credits are really dull though. Sooooooo many people worked on this


So I got to a point yesterday where I have found Zora’s Helm and unlocked one of the divine beast quests. I’m not sure if I’m ready to actually go for it yet though, I’m assuming the beasts/bosses aren’t levelled dependent on where you are and I got to the place to unlock the quest really easily but I’ve only got five hearts and one extra bit of stamina and still feel like I should be trying my best to grind rather than embarking on any big story quests.


I’m about to start that divine beast. I have 5 hearts and haven’t made any special effort to level up any more than I normal. My mate is a few hours ahead of me, has just done the divine beast and didn’t have too many problems. He’s at about the same level as me hearts/items wise but not quite as good at the game (not quite got the hang of combat as much as me yet yet) , so I imagine you’d be okay.

did you have a crack at defeating the lynel or go for the stealth option?


Haven’t done anything yet, will have a crack tonight.

Also, how the fuck do you beat Guardians? I’m just avoiding the area and running like hell as soon as I see one at the minute but that feels extremely cowardly


ok, you will need some extrashock arrows before you can be able to go into the beast. You need to get these from a place nearby that is guarded by a pretty badass boss. I assumed you’d done that, if not you’re about to…


Safe as, will report back on my progress tomorrow…


Inside my 3rd divine beast. Almost feel strong enough to take on gammon as I have pretty strong armor now and 10hearts. Going to so the next 2 beasts and then do a bit more memory hunting. Not going in for gannon right away as enjoying the game too much.

Lyels are now a breeze for me and my powered up link, to think I used to be terrified of those guys :smiley:


I beat that dungeon with the same amount of hearts and stamina, so you should be fine. Enjoy!


Full map of Hyrule unlocked, one more divine beast to go :slight_smile: it’s only taken 50hours