Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Damn you are like a speed runner compared to me. I’ver clocked up 50 hours too. 2 beasts down , 13 hearts, 2 or 3 extra stamina and today I got the master sword.


Well you have the master sword which is my next objective and also have more hearts and more stamina :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve just focused on different objectives. I dont even know where seed dude went, I’m dying to upgrade my inventory :frowning:


Used the master sword to smack the shit out of fireblight ganon and the battle was over in a couple of minutes! One more Divine Beast to go - the Ruto one. Found the Goron based story the easiest of the lot - those dungeons tend to be absolute head scratchers, but this one was a cakewalk.


I’ve found all the dungeons to be pretty easy tbf, I mean I’ve been stuck in places for 5mins or so, but the solution comes fairly quickly (though I think thats just down to good design as there always seem to be enough visual queues on screen) . The only thing that grinded me gears was the boss in the camel.


I found seed dude again outside a stable in the south - tho could be random. Once I got the master sword in the lost woods he’s found permanently in that spot, next to the Deku Tree


I think I find them a bit disorientating by nature, tbh. Don’t wanna be one of those guys that prefers the old format but found the proper dungeons of old more rewarding - but on the whole this game is ace and better in so many ways.


Killed my first Lynel and now feel like king of the world. Also did that maze in the north east and the drop down guardian bit was so much fun.

Ploughing through the lost woods was a great challenge, and the deku tree reveal blew my mind in that great “of course” way, so glad I hadnt spoilt it yet. Think that whole section played on the ocarina of time heartstrings perfectly.

Off topic, but can anyone help with the final memory, the one thats just some trees? Its all i need to finish and cant find anyone to give me a hint about it


Just had a weird moment that highlights the way this game can be played so differently.

The tv was playing the cut-scene before the water Divine Beast. The one where you swim around on the zora prince’s back, avoiding ice blocks while shooting shock arrows at the beast. When I did this a week or so ago, I was using arrows to destroy the obstacles. It was brutal, as I didn’t have many regular arrows, and ended up using the very last arrow of any sort I had to shot the final glowing bit of the divine beast. It was an epic fight but drained me completely.

Now I walk in and she’s got the ice power out, and is using it’s ability to destroy existing towers to bat the giant ice blocks out of the air. It’s such a genius solution, wastes no ammo, just requires slightly more concentration, and I feel so silly for never having thought of it, but it makes so much sense.


Just done this one last night - on Hyrule mainland (the section with the castle to the north), find the Bottomless Swamp to the west of Hylian River - its the wooded area North East of the swamp, you can spot it easily on the map.


I know i did the same. Luckily i actually had tonnes of arrows. I even tried hit them with my melee weapons the first time but kept dying as you have to get the timing spot on


Had a phenomenal two hours on this last night. Learned to shield surf so trudged up a giant peak, saw an amazing sunset behind a giant, smouldering volcano and threw myself off the edge, racing down through an abandoned enemy fortress. Jumped and paraglided off this ramp and discovered the Lost Woods, where I found a few awesome things.

The whole section felt like a game within a game. Getting to the master sword and giant deku tree was hard enough, but I figured out how to get through the maze eventually. Proper ‘of course!’ moment when it clicked. Had a similar realisation completing a shrine near the aforementioned which involved constellationsi.

Then completed the trickier trial before bed, which again was a really different challenge to anything else I’ve encountered in the 30 hours to date.

Fancy sneaking into Hyrule Castle soon…


So, started the elephant one last night, not a chance I could take on the Lynel when gathering the shock arrows but snapped a pic of it for some nerd who asked for one. I haven’t got to grips with combat at all yet I don’t think, most random monsters I just stroll up to and swipe until they’re dead but anything that requires any degree of shield use or dodging and blocking etc absolutely annihilates me, could cause problems moving forward…

Took me ages to do the ice blocks and shock arrows sections to the extent that would normally have really annoyed me but it didn’t this time. Think I’m nearly done within the beast itself although I think I fluked at least one of the terminals the bit where you have to use stasis to stop the ball on the rotating gear killed me and I think I just kind of lucked my way into the little room with the terminal by mistake. Looking forward to finishing it off tonight.




The Lynel is tough and somehow I managed it with only 5 hearts. My general advice would be to use a defense boost elixir, this stops you getting insta-killed off every one of his sword swipes. I found getting better at dodging, and then the flurry attack afterwards, really helpful in getting in some decent damage. His patterns are fairly easy to learn, you just need to master getting out the way. I used a shield where possible just to account for when I dodged too late. In the end I had no shields left!

Remember with two handed weapons you can’t use your shield…


I need to get into the habit of using a shield full-stop tbh, will try honing my skills on some lesser beasts before going back to that bastard. Used up so many fucking meals just sprinting about the place trying to pick up shock arrows


I don’t use the shield all that much tbh. I have to consciously make a decision to use it in certain circumstances. I managed to get by often without…That might not be the case later!


Just finished my first divine beast and I’ll be honest it was the first time I’ve been really annoyed at this game, don’t allow your user to run out of ammo during a boss fight unless there’s an alternative way to beat the boss or a way of getting more ammo within the place the boss is. Infuriating game design IMO.


that’s pretty damn annoying. What did you do?


Had to leave, travel back to a place buy some arrows, hunt around for some more and head back. Not the end of the world but it’s one of those design decisions which is a bit of a head scratched, if a level is self-contained it should have everything required to do the thing within it IMO.


Devil’a advocate here - the game does specify thru the story to stock up on shock arrows prior to the divine beast, also the outlining of the game to the developers was to tear up the rule book of Zelda conventions.