Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Aye, that would be a fair point but for the fact I got the amount the game told me to get and then a few more for good measure. I get that it feels like a conscious decision to go against convention but some conventions exist for a reason innit.


I don’t think I even used arrows to down that boss. O.o But then again I had a wide array of additional powers at my disposal which would ground them.

Also it’s not self contained, you can come and go as you please.


Ah fair, if there’s other ways of doing it that’s totally fair enough tbh, I was very limited when I went in in that case.


I also had to leave the Zora divine beast boss to stock up on arrows. I don’t think the internal logic of this game is as flawless as some people have made out.

The 2 or 3 times I have gotten stuck in this game and I’ve checked a walkthrough, it’s been down to a poorly explained game mechanic rather than my inability to spot the solution.


If you haven’t already I recommend upgrading your stasis ability it makes fights far easier, especially fights against bosses and lyels


Yeah, think I’m gonna spend a considerable amount of time trying to build myself up now after that, get more hearts, upgrade runes etc


My switch is arriving on the 1st of April apparently.* Can’t wait to dive in (my copy of Zelda is staring folornly at me from a shelf) and see what I’ve been missing: this thread is a better ad than anything Nintendo could have cooked up.

*it will be a very cruel April fool’s if it does not.


Really enjoyed Eventide Island. I didn’t find it that difficult because I have a decent number of heart containers, stamina and (Mipha’s Grace), but I did die quickly a couple of times before figuring out a solid order to tackle everything in.

I love how it was just tucked away on the map and I’ve only found it after 50+ hours.


Just done my first Divine Beast (Rito one), the fight seemed easier than some of the big Moblins. Had to use a walkthrough to get to two of the terminals in the Divine Beast as I didn’t understand how to tilt the thing at first.


Got there quite early but kept dying so I’ve left it until I get more hearts. It’s a great concept for a challenge


Do you get all your gear back after beating it? Kind of worried I’ll lose the master sword for good if I go there.


Yeah everything reverts to your original state, which was actually quite annoying because I made a ton of attack raising meals from bananas to defeat the Hinox, didn’t use more than one and then lost them all when I got my regular gear back.


Thank feck for that!


I figured out that thing you can do to kill the guardians without the Master Sword, which was a nice surprise because it was a complete “I bet I can’t do this but I’m going to try it anyway”. But now it’s a bit disappointingly easy to kill guardians, it used tobe like “Shitshitshitshit run away!” when one showed up, but now I have a sure-fire way to kill them easily without taking any damage. I’d have preferred to have kind of a difficult epic duel with them, would’ve been more satisfying. Maybe I’ll wait until I find the Master Sword and see how it is taking them down with that instead.

If anybody doesn’t know the method I’m on about but wants to, it’s using A with your shield up to deflect the death ray back at them, it takes between 1 - 5 hits to take them out.

Still no divine beasts, still got only about a third of the map unlocked, still having a great time with it.

Have we seen this?


60 hours in and I’m starting to get a little fatigued. I think I’m gonna work towards the endgame now, I’ll probably use a walkthrough to locate all the outstanding shrines as that’s the one element I really don’t want to miss out on at all.


You’ll have to make a choice on what to spend those orbs on - there’s 12 shy of a complete set of having 30 hearts or +10 stamina vessels. So those final 3 upgrades are a choice (unless you’ve already maxed out one of the criteria).


Ooh just discovered this by chance.

If you fought Ganon before you’d got all your memories back (as I did), you may want to fight him again! MInimal spoilers: The scene after the credits is different


I did the same. I also lured the hinox up onto the adjacent hill with the boulders on top. I then used stasis on a metal crate and smashed it into him repeatedly from a safe distance, all while making him set fire to himself walking over the campfire. Finished him off quite easy once I’d worked all that out!


How far are you in on the main quest by the time it all starts to feel like hard work? Is it because it becomes repetitive?


raises bat, nods towards pile of unfinished work