Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


controversial opinion: xenoblade chronicles has a better world than Zelda. I don’t think I’ve been floored by the sense of scale in a game since then and the fact that it managed it on a wii is amazing. Something about the vistas in that combined with the really beautiful soundtrack has really stuck with me all these years. Couldn’t get into XC:X much at all, characters didn’t seem interesting and the music was terrible.


DLC is looking good. The Sword trial actually seems to include some structures etc unlike the bland empty rooms normally associated with Zelda Cave of Trials. The new armor pieces look cool and I like that they are mask + ability based, especially considering Majora’s Mask will be in there. Fingers crossed for some MM related story in DLC Pack 2. Also, enemies on Oktorok airships!


tragedy is I’ve already finished it so all these quality of life improvements aren’t going to do much for me.

Whatever I can’t complain I got 120 amazing hours out of it


Not gonna be tempted back by the Sword Trials and the Winter story DLC/Dungeon?
I’m at 150 hours with all shrines done and still have a few bits that I want to do so I reckon I’ll get at least another 10-20 hours on top of that before the DLC drops. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has sidetracked me a bit :slight_smile:
Like how they listened to people grumbling about the language options and have patched that now too. So long awful fake English accent Zelda!


maybe for a story thing! Aww I liked awful fake English Zelda. Fake English accents are charming in their own way.




Yeah this is now a definite buy. Tingle vs Ganon time


Yeah I agree. I know it’s on a creaking old Wii now but that game should be the blueprint for every designer in gaming and filmmaking who work on level and set design for alien worlds, ambient forests, epic vistas, giant mechanical worlds coming to life, ruined civilisations, sci-fi interiors… it’s got it all. More imagination in the enemies and scenery of that game than just about everything else I’ve experienced.

As much as BOTW is the better game mechanically, I will never get over how stunning it was to explore those Bionis for 100+ hours. The fetch quests and battles go boring, but the art direction, music and design never, ever did. XC X had some great landscapes too (and some of Mira, especially the giant desert parts with epic alien structures in would have made epic Alien sets) but as a game, it sucked in comparison.


Think I probably overlooked parts of it due to it being on wii and it was probably a lot easier to develop those stunning landscaped knowing everything didn’t need hi-res detailed textures.

That said I was pretty much done with JRPGs at that point and it definitely brought me back in. Even the story was pretty gripping for as crazy as it was and the wonky english voice actors gave it a ramshackle charm as well.

I’d probably put it in top 5 of all time.

Nice to see some other love for it too, you must be the only other person in this country that played it!


It’s easily in my top 5 games ever; I banged on about the Wii being a decent console when most were dissing it on here for years, as I’m sure several poor suffering people on here recall! But a large part of that was down to that great run of JRPGs. I’d not gotten into the genre much before but XC and The Last Story were two of my favourite games of that console generation. Never played Pandora’s Tower alas but similarly heard good things…

One of those games that despite it’s age, proves great art style trumps realistic graphics for me. With just some crude Dolphin emulation, it still looks pretty ace I think:


Back on topic, I fell back in love with BOTW last night. Decided I needed to see some greenery again and ended up going on a horse ride for nearly two hours, stopping off to help people out.

Found a stable I never knew existed down in a valley and eventually found The Forgotten Temple. Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. Felt a proper boss getting all the way through to the Shrine and making it out alive again without teleporting.


oh man I’m getting some feelings right now!


They’d be mad not to release this on the Switch eshop prior to XC2 releasing. They did it on WiiU in the runup to XCX releasing so there’s hope.


I’d probably pay a cool £30 to play this again in portable mode.

Man the switch has so much potential


Still waiting for SEGA to sort their shit out and realise that playing Streets of Rage 2, SEGA Rally and Daytona on Switch would probably see all of those titles shift pretty well… SORT. IT. OUT. SEGA.


Definitely. The eshop version they released for WiiU was £17.99 and ran natively in WiiU mode rather than Wii mode (I think) so if they could even just port that version over asap and charge £20 I’d say they could do well as there’s a lot of people still yet to play it.


This is why I’m kindof hoping there is a subscription option for Virtual Console when it finally releases because there are so many classic games which would be great to have on the Switch that it would likely cost a fortune to get them all.
Hope Sega can get Dreamcast games on there!


It’ll totally happen, Sega port everything eventually


I’ve just done this hideout. Loads of ways to do it (ice arrows to freeze would also work).

But what is this awesome ability? Have I missed it? Or is it form the divine beast which I’m about to do?