Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


I got told about leviathan hours ago in this game and has uncovered 80% of the map, but still haven't found one. Found an old dragon skeleton but it had no head. Is that it?

Been in a bit of a rut with this game for a week or two. Seem to have just 10 korok seeds and a run of about 10 Tests of strength shrines to show for a fortnight's play. The tundra is bleak, eh?


Nah they have heads. Found two by looking closely at the map in the regions where the guy said they were, but I've given up looking for the third one for now.

I've uncovered all of the map now and got 3/4 Divine Beasts but I don't feel ready to go for Ganon yet so I'm enjoying wandering around doing shrines and side quests. Need to crack on with the memories too. My enthusiasm for it has definitely waned but I still find I can sink a good few hours into just exploring an area I haven't been to before


Still struggling to get into this game to be honest... I'm enjoying it but my 'wow this is just like being inside a Studio Ghibli film' thing has worn off and I'm now trudging around the map rather.

I did Ruta at the weekend which was fun, but I've found the general exploration less exciting. The place is SO vast and I don't seem to have much in the way of 'hooks' if that makes sense.

In Skyrim I was always 'oh man I HAVE to get to x in order to get y' and then on the way I'd get sidetracked by a really cool z but here I just seem to be pootling. It's rather aimless.

I am aware that this is much more of a criticism of me than the game though...


Not sure when I'll be ready for Ganon, haven't played since Mario Kart came out but I want to make sure I don't just leave it unfinished.


Gannons a piece of piss. The camel is harder


Ah, I'll probably go and sort that fucker out at some point this week then


I feel like that is often what happens to me with most open world games*.


40-60 hours: Bored now guys.

  • See: Far Cry 3, GTAV, all Assassin's Creed games, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Arkham City.


That's quite a long time in fairness. Remember how enormous and all-encompassing Final Fantasy VII felt? That was about 20 hours worth of gameplay or so, no?


Oh yeah totally. But that's why I prefer my games under 30 hours. Leave me feeling exciting and enthused rather than a bit bored.

Don't get me wrong though, the first 40 hours of BOTW are fucking spectacular and constantly rewarding. Just got a bit of fatigue right now.


Just beat that knobhead Ganon, lovely job. Bring on the DLC I guess.


Just beat it myself this weekend too. Pretty satisfying. Can imagine people who didn't get the true ending being left a bit underwhelmed. Gabon fight was pretty great, 2nd phase was okay. Really looking forward to DLC.


How do you know if you got the true ending or not?


You need all the memories


Ah ok, I got the true one in that case, nice one.


Zelda people - help a newbie out

What's the best way to ignite one of those exploding barrel things? Does a flaming arrow work, or do i need exploding arrows?


Flaming arrow should do the job, normal arrow fired through a flame works in the same way as a flame arrow would


Ok, so over the past two nights I found the NE part of the map and the ancient tech lab. The game is well and truly back on track now.

Trekked around ravines lighting blue torches, walked along a foggy beach littered with fallen Guardians until one attacked me and I decided to take it on, hacking off it's legs and generally being badass, carried a glowing orb into the centre of an island to unlock a secret quest, found a gorgeous fountain spring deep in an enemy quarry, conquered a (slightly laborious) labyrinth, climbed a huge rock formation to find a hidden shrine downing a blue Lynel on the way, scaled a giant lava slide to reach a volcano where I instantly combusted, got a potion and went back up there jumping from fragile rock to rock, avoiding enemies, fire and general nastiness. Saw the final Divine Beast lumber directly overhead and had one of those proper 'stand still in awe like in Shadow of the Colossus' type moments and bought some new gear so I don't keep burning to death.


Finally joined switch club today, been playing BOTW all day. Generally i’m not much of a fan of sandbox games and so some of that stuff is getting on my tits a bit (fetch missions, breakable weapons, cooking, etc) but the world is lush and i love that you can climb everywhere. Reminds me of windwaker crossed with skyward sword but is better than both for me. The initial 4 shrines were a bit of a chore but now i gave the paraglider and have made it to kakariko it feels like it’s opening up a lot. Feels a bit strange to have crazy powers and be teleporting from the get-go but i’m enjoying it a lot on the whole.


Really jarring how all the speaking characters are british and all tge non-speaking characters make the most japanese sounds of all time


Put the Japanese language on FFS