Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


“British” indeed, is that what they are?


Oh awesome, didnt know you could!


I remember searching high and low for this option when I first got the game! Has it been added since or am I just terrible at searching?


They added it after launch


played some of this and mario kart last night at a m9s. I’ll probably buy the switch once it gets a new smash bros and the price of games drops a bit. Am definitely warming to it the more I see, but the lack of sports games and 3rd party means I’ll always need something like a PS4/gaming pc.


Oh yeah, The Switch definitely is a secondary system for most people who are quite deep into gaming. But that being said I’ve had little desire to turn on the PS4 or game on my PC since getting one because it’s versatility speaks to me in a way that no other system does.


Yeah I couldn’t imagine having just the switch, but by the same token I’ve played on it a lot more than the PS4 since it arrived.


I only owned a Wii U for the past 4 years. It’s a bit gutting when things like GTAV and Dark Souls come out but, if like me, FIFA, COD, shooters and most Ubisoft / Bethesda series look more hassle than fun, it’s fine.

Just need to know what you’re signing up for. The best exclusives around (eg. Nintendo first party stuff) and some great Indies.

There’d be months when I missed something that wasn’t brightly coloured or over in 5 hours, but not as often as you might think…


If dark souls does come out for the switch then my gaming life will be complete


It’s such a great fit. And Switch supports games from the last gen if that Skyrim footage is real. Unreal have also released code to allow for easy development. So for a slight cost in porting it over, it seems a no brainer to me.

If that and Rocket League happened, I think a lot of people would never turn their PS4s on again.


Rocket League on this would be next level.


Bout ten hours in now and feel like ive finally gotten over the hump and all the elements have come together, definitely feels like they throw too much at you too soon to begin with and it was all a bit messy. Took some time out to get clothes and upgrade them, got a first great fairy, stamina and a heart. Started kicking some ass in combat and now gonna go after the zora guardian thing as the first of the four. Feels like i’m really getting going now yeeeee :smile_cat:


Its FIFA/other sports games and shooters that I’d miss a lot. I had just a Wii for ages and I really missed shooting noobs and hitting balls.


Yeah fair enough then, it’s gotta be your second console. I’ve played CoD and FIFA on and off now for 15 years so I’m pretty done with them personally.


This is how I feel but can understand people using the exact same argument about Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros and Pokemon


Is there any way to relearn attack moves?I did that shrine but then didn’t play for two weeks and don’t remember. I know I can just look them up or something but I want to practice again in that shrine.


Fifa is coming to Switch and even Wii U got a fair number of the COD games. I suspect 3rd party games will become more commonplace in tandem with swelling user base.


Just go back to that shrine…?


Wife started a new game and has already discovered two things i totally missed :rofl:


Totally. I think Mario and Zelda always find new things to do and mechanics worth introducing though. Super Mario World, Mario 64, Galaxy and 3D World are all totally different experiences.

Smash Bros and Pokémon are just the same games really though, just with more volume from what I can tell.