Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Some of these memories are real bastards to find, eh? Also, how epic is that volcano up close?!?


I think FIFA 13 was the only game that came to wii u and it was pants (from what I heard) and no one played it.


The demo was pretty awful. Very one dimensional and easy.

Call of Duty was a decent port. Online was drab as hell though.


I did, it didn’t have the dude in it to fight anymore.


Oh man :frowning: was this after a blood moon thing that respawns enemies?


Oh right? I think there’s a guy at Kakariko Village who teaches you some of the moves too. Or else, sure there’s a guide to it on IGN


I read that too but he just shows defence moves, not attack.


Yeah. I’ll wait for another blood moon and go back again as that should reset it, but might AGES. Oh well, more indefinite hanging around the village for me avoiding fights.


If you upgrade your stamina early doors, you can just run past most encounters.



There’s a bit in the menu that shows you all the moves you’ve learnt. Can’t remember where but it’s about, have a search!


Needs a Link’s Awakening one “I did it because I ate cheese too close to bedtime”


Yep - like a lot of wii u ports/versions it was half assed and made to use the game pad screen for unnecessary features. Hopefully with Switch the only differences will be graphical. For games that have PC versions the graphics should already be scalable. The fact that EA are onboard at all after the falling out they and Nintendo had is encouraging. Also sports game wise 2k games have NBA etc coming.


I hope so too. But Eurogamer ran a piece last week that the Switch version of FIFA has now been given a different title to the other formats, which has led to lots of people thinking it’ll be another Wii U FIFA excuse of a game. Wouldn’t surprise me…


NBA2K is actually the game I’ve played more of over the past 5 or so years. Would be great if the Switch got a non-gimmicky, non-half arsed NBA game, but i’ll wait until that and a few other quality sports games are released before I buy.


Full map unlocked and 4th Divine Beast: done.

Found it surprisingly easy actually, bar one slightly tricky blue torch it took a while to light. Good boss battle too.

Now to find the last few memories…


Played 2.5 hours this eve and did almost nothing. Ffs.


Go to gerudo town… NOT IN THE DAYTIME IT’S TOO HOT! Ok go at night… NOW IT’S TOO COLD!!!

Fuuuuuuuu just let me play the f gaaaaame


You’re playing it wrong if you aren’t buying clothes and making food for extreme weather conditions, jus sayin is all


It’s boring and takes too long. Just wanna get on with the actual story