Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


OHHHHHH you want a story?
Uhhhh I don’t know how to break it to you BUT


[the game doesn’t really have a story so to speak] the whole game is getting powerful enough to beat gannon and collecting memories. Thats pretty much the story, the rest is all about upgrading your equipment and getting extra hearts, power and stamina.

There are tidbits of story sprinkled in, but I really recommend you make some food or buy heat resistant clothing ASAP unless you want to be hard gated out of areas with story events in them.


I mean there’s as much story as ever. Go to four temples and save the princess but tbh i dont care bout side quests and shite til ive beaten the main game.

Would do what you suggest if you could just buy stuff, but you have to go on an errand to do a fetch mission to have to collect five stones. It’s a 100 hour game which us 85% doing nothing!!!


I mean you won’t have much joy getting to the 4 temples if you don’t get you gear. You can finish the game without beating the temples but the temples are incredibly difficult to get to without the appropriate food/elixrs and clothing


All you need to do to get the rupees for clothing is cook food like apples and sell it for big profit and just sell all your ‘junk’ everytime u come across a merchant. You dont need to worry about the side quests.


Got loads of rupees and an knventory full of junk but have come across very few places to buy gear. Theres no weapon shops either?


Yeah buying weapons is possible but pointless. There is clothing store in the first and second town you head to and I believe the 2nd town has a coat with cold resistances. I cant remember how I got my heat resistance amulet though


Favourite side missions folks?


Tarrey town for sure


Beat the camel thing yesterday :smile:


me too :smiley: that’s my second divine beast


the ganon’s at the end of each are pretty nails aren’t they? though that said, i’m trying to do it fairly quickly so always go underprepared. had nothing to mitigate the lightning effects in the thunderblight fight and used up all but one of my weapons.


They’re well ard. I’ve done all the beast’s now but loads of shrines and memories to tick off still. I’ve unlocked the map, just a case of mooching around with the tracker thing pinging away


I think only one gave me any trouble? But I’d done 80 odd shrines by the time I tackled two of them.

Silver lynels on the other hand…


Cos I’ve not played it for a couple of weeks I had to have a look at this yesterday (trying to figure out how to do the special wind jump thing).

Turns out I’ve not been taught all the moves yet!? About 4 of them were all ??? :confused:


Doubt if ive done 20 shrines tbh!


One of them is a bit of a cope out - use an amiibo. Have you done all divine beasts?


Ahhhh always wondered what that last one was!


Genuine question: Is it worth getting a Switch for this? I absolutely LOVED playing through the Zelda games when I was younger, although I didn’t play anything after Wind Waker (haven’t played Twilight Princess - that any good aswell?). I know there’s a new Mario game coming out, but I don’t know whether it’s worth taking the plunge and buying a new console purely for this?


I did, this and Mario Kart make it well worth it and I wouldn’t have been able to play either of them for even a quarter as much time if it wasn’t for the portability aspect.