Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


my 2C: I don’t own a switch but have played roughly 20 hours of Zelda, Mario Kart and Bomberman. At the moment, I don’t think its worth it at all. Zelda is good - very good, but it’ll still be there in a year or so when Nintendo decide to make more games for the console. Mario Kart is fun, but i’m not paying 45 quid for a port. Bomberman is boring.

That said, I like the console, and the portability aspect of it is fantastic. had a lot of fun playing Mario Kart with friends too, But I want to see what Nintendo have lined up for the future before I spunk a tonne of money on the console.


Bought it purely for Zelda, don’t know if I’ll get any more games. Still totally worth it.


Puyo Puyo Tetris babeh


Feel like it’s for zelda obsessives only right now. It’s a great game and you will get over 100 hours out of it easily, but the price will have come down by the time there’s actually other games for it. The joycon are really expensive as well if you want multiplayer mario kart.


Would also say that i think that zelda had been off the boil for a while now, both TP and SS were pretty disappointing for me but this has restored my faith in the series.


Obviously a range of opinions in this, so it comes down to what you consider good value. a reasonable position is that compared to other consoles, at this point in its life cycle it’s not worth it until it’s clear more great games are available.

Another way to look at it is to consider what you spend on all entertainment and whether the expense of the console and Zelda now seem good value in that context. Playing Zelda alone, so far the console and game have worked out at about £3 an hour so for me this is enough to be more than happy with the purchase without worrying about what the future holds (and I’m ignoring the fun I’m having with other games already).


I’m currently switching between 5 games at the moment and none of them are Zelda.

Thumper, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Mario Kart, Minecraft and Wonderboy

Good shit son. There is actually a lot of good games to play right now once you own the system BUT is it enough to get someone whose sitting on the fence to buy the system? Probably not, unless they really want Mario Kart, Zelda and Splatoon


Oh I forgot disgaea 5


Dont think ill ever understand minecraft and personally cant be cba’d with the later mario kart games. Wil have a look at the others but there’s not much for me right now. Might even sell after i’ve rinsed zelda.


Puyo Puyo Tetris and Disgaea 5 have free demos avaliable if you’re interested. Thumper is an intense rhythm game with music composed by one half of Lightning Bolt (though it’s not so much music as it is unnerving noise)


You’d have to find one first…

My take: depends if you’re comfortable with buying a system for a killer title or want a huge breadth of games to get stuck into. I think the Switch has actually got a pretty amazingly library already for a system less than 5 months old but maybe hold out for a fortnight, as E3 is when Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft unveil their plans for the next 12-18 months.


I bought mine from amazon a couple weeks ago?


I’m in love with this game again. Realised that place names only appear on the map once you’ve been there so started heading to areas of the map that looked a bit unloved.

I’ve found so much awesome stuff. Leviathan, shrines enshrouded in sand storms I found by following pointing statues,
a giant Eighth heroine quest that got me sand and snow boots, a colliseum where I battled an epic enemy, a lava pit where I tackled a giant fiery boss, sand seal racing, a shrine that felt like a proper dungeon and took 25 minutes, modulga underground desert enemies, tracked down several memories by using geography alone and found some new side quests by going back to see some old faces

Best game ever? Probably…


Gonna go and fight ganon for a laugh


:open_mouth: almost did it


17 shrines to find…


i absolutely kicked fireblight ganon’s ass the first time i fought it. have i levelled up too much already? might just go back and fight calamity ganon tbh.


have you got all the memories n shit… the world is so great don’t just rush the game maaaan… :confused:


Nah not even close. Kinda wanna just smash the main bit and then i can slowly work my way through all the other junk.


Disclaimer, if you finish the game you can’t do the side quests.