Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


are you for real?


Sorry miss Jackson…


Ffs what’s the point in that?


Open world game, yes but I think the story ends when it ends, like any other Zelda (I don’t know- still one beast and 45 odd shrines to find before I head for the big guy).


Oh well sure the credits roll but you can just load your last save and carry on doing other shite, that’s all i’m talking about


Ah. No reason why this can’t happen, I’m sure!


Can you do this?!


You can


Phew. I came pretty close to beating ganon with two divine beasts and was only trying for a laugh so didnt really do much or any prep. Got three DB’s now, feel like if i go back with four and any other upgrades it’ll just be really easy? Am i wrong?


I did it with all four and it was a piece of piss, that didn’t bother me though


Just beat the wind divine beast which was my last of the four, and it was pitifully easy. Guess i’ll smash ganon in the face and then set about getting the master sword. Cant really cba with the million side quests at all.


Probably shouldnt but i laugh every time when the japanese voiceover calls you Dink


Got the master sword :heart_eyes: that part was so fucking cool.


Beat ganon too, that was piss. What an evening!


Only found out yesterday that there’s a few extra sidequests that become available after you’ve beaten Ganon. Your save will have a star beside it. Apparently if you go visit Kilton he will give you three different missions to take down every Hinox, Talus and Molduga in the game.


Havent read the spoilers but did wonder what the star was!!! Does that mean any previous side quests are unavailable though? Hope not.


It does the weird thing of acknowledging that you’ve already put Ganon down once but your save will put you right back at the entrance to the sanctum and you can go in and beat him again if you fancy or you can just warp away and do all the sidequests as normal. It’s an odd way of handling it and I wouldnt be surprised if they alter it once the two DLC packs come out. After all how can you have post-Ganon additional story content until he’s actually gone?
The thing I posted isn’t very spoilery and it’s not for everyone but it’s good to know there’s still some challenges in there for me to do.


so basically @Yesiamaduck has got me all worried for nothing. thanks a lot!!! :wink:


Been back on this over the weekend. Started going through lots of memories, which are all a lot of fun, and I’m glad I didn’t get any until Japanese voices were patched in because fuuuuuuuck those English voices. Got the Master Sword and had a lot of fun battering Guardians. I’m enjoying the game a lot more now that I’m buff af and don’t have the bother of getting killed all the time, and minor enemies aren’t a massive deal now I’ve got enough weapon slots not to be worrying about wasting my one good whacking stick or summat. Beat three fucking Lynels! They used to scare the bejeebus out of me, but now it is I who scare the bejeebus out of them. Probably ought to get on them divine beasties pretty soon. I found Zelda’s white horse also! But I didn’t want my other horse, Karen, who I’ve had since the beginning, to feel left out; so I whistled Karen before I got on Zelda’s horse, and Karen follows us around on our adventures. It’s all very nice.

I’m very sick of the rain though. A game where they’ve gone to great pains to make it so you can climb everything, but then there’s just loads of it where it rains and it’s like “nah, no more climbing for you”. Fuck off, game!


There are a few areas where the rain is deliberate, but I didn’t realise until I’d spent half hour climbing a cliff to no avail…