Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild




Decided to finally try and beat Eventide Island last night. What a superb idea that is. There’s a whole game in there waiting to happen.


Kinda think this is what Trial of the Sword is gonna be an extension of. As far as I know you lose all gear going in.
Tried the post game monster hunting missions last night. Got the Molduga medal but was surprised how few Talus and Hinox I’d beaten overall.


i got the master sword pretty much by accident, can anyone tell me how you’re suppose to figure it out? like is there a clue or someone who tells you how to do it? i just bodged it and eventually figured it out.


Loads of npcs mention it when you talk to them


Starting this tonight mates. Can’t wait :smiley:


Have fun. Don’t rush through it. Take your time and enjoy it all would be my advice. And book tomorrow off - you will lose track of time for sure.


i met one who said it was in the lost woods but does anyone actually tell you how to do it?


It tells you when you get there


hmm didn’t for me


The whole “are you strong enough cut scene” when you reach the tree


I mean getting through the lost woods


Lots of trial and error for me, found it a frustrating part of the game


Been a while since I played it but I think it was a case of just following the direction of the embers from any fire sources including the torches?. Not as annoying as some previous iterations of the Lost Woods.


so nobody ever tells you? it’s just kinda cryptic and you have to figure it out?


And avoid this thread and guides as much as possible. A lot of the fun comes from figuring it all out for yourself.


Yeah if you look at the torches and wind direction, it helps.


i have your Video Game now so now i can join in on the chat. no spoilers pls!


Decided it’s time to go to Hyrule Castle. 1 shrine and memory to find, both of which I think are in there.

Resorted to a guide to mop up the final 10 or so shrines I couldn’t find. A couple I had seen but hadn’t located the side quests to activate them. Glad I did as some of them were super sneaky and they showed me a few areas of the map that even after 100 hours, I’d completely missed. Some of these final shrines were amongst the best in the game too. Can see the DLC showing my path through the game being interesting. Bet there are a fair few regions I’ve missed huge chunks of.

It really is a special game, isn’t it? Not sure I want it to end.

Still have about 20 side quests and Tarrey Town to do if I like one day…


Make sure to explore the castle There’s a few bits that are there for side quests as well as a one of a kind ite,. And yes a memory and a shrine too :slight_smile: Enjoy!