Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Fuck’s sake


Speed runners must be a very joyless bunch. Sure its possible to beat BOTW in quick times but when there’s so much enjoyment to be had from the whole experience I’d much rather the 100+ hour way to play the game.


I mean they didnt do it in 40 mins the first time out


They’ve probably played it a few times


There were articles posted the week of release where people did it in 50 minutes or had found all 900 korok seeds. I mean… how?! (And a bit, why?)


Feel like theyve fully encouraged it. The king at the beginning is all… you could go fight ganon now, but i wouldnt recommend it (WINK)


Oh yeah they did. The speed runs baffle me less. It’s more the people who do all 120 shrines, 4 Beasts and Ganon in under 5 hours or do 900 seeds. That’s plain insanity.


so i’ve played about 50 hours now, done all 4 divine beasts, beat ganon, done quite a lot of shrines, a few labyrinths and got the master sword, so feel like i’ve *done* the main portion of the game. reckon i’d say it’s 9/10 and probably the second best zelda title overall but it’s not an ocarina of time-beater for me.

parts of it are completely joyous and amazingly designed - the lost woods especially was awesome, and the great fairies made me genuinely :heart_eyes: but parts of it are exactly what i feared from it moving to an open world format - it was often tedious and full of unnecessary padding. hours and hours of mining for resources and going on endless fetch missions. needlessly convoluted health and food systems. personally i’d much rather have a decent 20 hour story and then a bunch of optional side quests you can do at your leisure/after you beat the game. the story here is almost non-existent and it definitely suffers for that. zelda is hardly even in it and i found the lack of real dungeons a shame. doing the first divine beast was really cool but then the others were exactly the same and kind of boring and too easy.

found the the difficulty curve in it to be all over the place as well. tried to fight ganon after doing 2 beasts and almost did it, and then when i went back after beating all 4 it was an absolute piece of piss. one of the best things about zelda is that you get a new item and it opens up new areas and it teaches you how to use it as you go. here it feels like they just throw too much stuff at you and it takes ages to get used to. 90% of the time i got stuck it was because i forgot that i already had whatever i needed to move on. i had powers i’m not sure i even really used?

basically all the stuff i didn’t like about it was stuff i expect not to like going in, and all the stuff i did like felt like they fixed some major fuckups from skyward sword and wind waker and made an infinitely more playable game.

so aye 9/10

OoT 4 lyfe


Oh aye I get what you and Eric are saying but in a game like this at the level these guys are speed running they can’t actually be enjoying it. It must be for notoriety? Now I’ve beaten it I like going back to it and doing Kiltons medal quests, or just mucking around and stumbling on a few hidden koroks. I’d never think ‘oh I must restart and speed run this over and over’. Don’t get me wrong if that’s what they wanna do good luck to them.


just a different kind of challenge innit. i like doing stuff like the three hearts challenge on OoT, or trying to beat stuff within a certain time limit. thinking about maybe trying to do a vegetarian run of BotW :joy: need to make up for basically wiping out entire populations of wild species in this run.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Going to get the doc? Second pack has more story and a dungeon spposodedly.


lol why is the story in the bonus materials arhgrhgrhbg

yeah i’ll probably get it who am i kidding


Lots of people were speaking about vegetarian runs before it came out. Never killed any animal that wasnt attacking me first so only Wolves I guess. There was one place where some guy wanted me to kill a bunch of deer - fuck off mate. Also would never kill a fox - I’m not a Hylian Tory maaaan.


Oh come on, there’s that fella who loves that high grade meat… get them diamonds maaaan


People enjoy speed running, it’s basically the equivalent of gunning for highscore in the arcade days.


like obviously it’s a computer game and who gives a shite BUT since when was link some rough-living rogue who would kill anything for food? bothers me how you can shoot something and some ready to eat raw meat pops out. i thought it was gonna poison me the first time i did it but nope.

also took me a while to get over the fact that the cooking combinations are total nonsense. mmm looks like a nice beef fruit salad is back on the menu boys!




It’s all good man, wasn’t trying to rile anybody. If it’s providing more value from the game and more interest in Nintendo stuff that’s good.


Forgot about him. Gets to a point eventually where you have so many rupees that you never have to worry anyway :slight_smile: [quote=“ericthefourth, post:894, topic:12230”]
also took me a while to get over the fact that the cooking combinations are total nonsense. mmm looks like a nice beef fruit salad is back on the menu boys!

So there won’t be an official cookbook? Lol


I hit a huge lull 50 hours in where the combat, lynels aside, became totally pointless. And then I just got the camera out and starting documenting Hyrule and fell in love with it again.