Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Think ive used the camera about three times tbh


I grew to love it. Have an amazing visual diary of the game now.


Only just found out you can sprint :joy:


Probably why you described it as “endless fetch quests”. There’s a few quests that are meant to encourage you to use the camera, would have been hell without it!


I’ve had to have a few weeks off this (holidays, servicing my bike, kids…) but I’m back on it now. At 110 hours, 3 beasts done, 3 regions completely untouched (I’m doing it region by region as far as I can…).

Totally agree on the lack of story being a problem. Agree on the combat becoming tedious, it starts to feel like a distraction but I do it because I need rupees and more weapons. The cooking becomes tedious (I wanted a quick fire recipe book to do repeat meals). Even the puzzles become tedious (use stasis to freeze a ball then try and hit it in this direction and say goodbye to 5 weapons you break trying to do it). A lot of the sidequests become fetch quests. Some are enjoyable, some not, but more than often than not the reward isn’t worth it.

Yet I still love it. I still love playing and uncovering new areas. I want to do all the shrines, this keeps me going int he regions that have nothing of note in (fuck you Gerudo highlands for having nothing to offer and making life difficult) I still find new stuff. Discovered I could make my horse go up and down slopes it wouldn’t do before by using that L button technique. This has massively improved it’s usefulless and now I am way more likely to keep the horse with me whereas before I’d leave it at the bottom of a hill then forget about it. Love Tarry Town,. Love the Lost Woods. Love Death Moutain.

It’s bizarre, it could be better. There is the basis here for many better Zelda games but it breaks so much new ground it would have been a miracle not be flawed.

Really can’t be arsed with the (game item) camera, only use it when I have to. Except taking screenshots with the Switch itself. It’s such a beautiful game, it’s almost criminal not to.


this is one thing that really bums me out actually. even when you find a new cool weapon, you then realise it’s not gonna last long and you have no real attachment to any of them. sometimes you’ll find some ultra cool new thing like when i found the double flameblade for the first time but then realise it’s weaker than everything else you’re already carrying and leave it. i’m presuming the master sword can’t break? but i still find myself being wary about using it just in case.

probably sound like i’m being too down on it but i do still think it’s amazing regardless. it’s just an obvious move to appeal to another kind of gamer which isn’t really for me, but i understand their reasons for doing it.


I’m wary about using the master sword. The explanation said something along the line of using it on enemies infected with malice or something, but be careful with other enemies, I can’t remember…


Don’t worry about the master sword. It does break, but it’s different to other weapons. Try it and see!


i know its power runs out and whatever, but it still flashes red so i put it away. is there like a biggoron sword type situation? i went to see the goron sword bloke thinking he’d offer to pimp it up or something but no dice.


Just keep smacking away, boy. It’ll reveal itself.


ooh, okay, I’ll start using it…


Went to Hyrule Castle last night.

[spoiler]Pretty great, eh? When that music kicks in…
man, that’s a great gaming moment. One of those ‘Ahhhh, I get now why there’s no real score’ moments, as that has such epicness. When you collect the final memory too and you get that single piano note from the game’s theme upon its conclusion… hairs on back of neck standing up moment.

Actually found Ganon but quit him to collect the final bonus memory, get my green tunic and explore the vast castle a bit more. Still haven’t found the shield an NPC told me about. Also saved up 30 odd ancient arrows so wanted to walk through those Guardians and lay proper waste to them from the entrance having found Ganon by sneaking through the indoor sections. [/spoiler]

Hoping to tackle him later tonight…


The shield is in the cells on bottom level at rear of castle it’s worth getting as it’s so cool to take on Ganon in full classic gear and fully powered up - awesome!


Thanks, found it just before you posted that. One of my favourite bits of the game.

Beat Ganon too. Fighting him in the green tunic with the Master Sword and Hylian shield felt proper epic and like a callback to past Zelda’s (though I barely took a hit, may have been a bit overpowered!). I actually noticed in the final memory I recovered, Zelda briefly talks to the Master Sword and the sound it makes is the noise in Skyward Sword when you activate Fi.
Lovely touch

What a game. Some pacing issues due to lack of a story and it’s a slight shame the dungeons and combat get a bit formulaic after you’ve done a fair bit of them, but it’s a total triumph otherwise.

Music is gorgeous; the main theme from that E3 trailer will stay with me forever and the sense of achievement exploring this vast land is unlike anything else I’ve played, barring maybe Xenoblade Chronicles.

Terrifyingly for other developers, I can see how the DLC or a sequel in two years time could make it EVEN better too. Is it the generational leap Ocarina of Time was? I’m not sure… But it’s a brilliant videogame.


Final completion amount: 42.10%

I feel like I’ve done almost everything too (bar 650 odd korok seeds). Any way to see the time you put in? I’ll try Miiverse…


Christ… 134 hours. Beats the 80 I put into Xenoblade by some way?!?


Glad you had a great time with the game. Getting the shield and the gear after the 120 shrines just makes it feel like “let’s do this!” when you face Ganon. Pacing was always gonna be uneven at times due to the choose your own adventure nature of it but yes amazing game. I’m at 175 hours and 61%. Currently doing Kiltons 3 monster hunting quests which come available after you’ve beaten Ganon and go to the save with a star beside it and ask kilt on about monsters. Not too long to go until dlc pack 1 is out. I think now that they have the engine up and running on Switch we may see a pretty quick turnaround on a sequel a la Majoras Mask. Also I remember reading somewhere that the ‘handheld’ Zelda team have been working on something new since A Link Between Worlds, if true that could b cool.


fuck that, dude. honestly, no game deserves 175 hours of anyone’s time.


But I’m having fun with it still. I’ve seen people with play times of 500 or 600 hours. I just like mucking around in it now.


that’s fucked imo. i’ve played 60 hours and i’m fucking boredddd. i’m just doing dull side quests out of blind completionism