Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Each to their own. It’s the type of game that could pan out differently depending on how you approach it or how into quests etc you are. I can’t imagine I’d do 600 hours myself even after all the dlc has been released but if people are doing that and having fun good luck to them. Not worth getting annoyed about imo.


everything’s worth getting annoyed about, pal :wink:


I know people who’ve spent 200+ hours in GTAV or in Fallout.


I was at that point but got a second wind. If you’re really not enjoying it though, why carry on playing it? It doesn’t radically change later on…


Where can you see completion percentage?? Apparently I’ve played for “45 hours or more”, uncovered less than half the map, done one divine beast, 25 shrines and (about) 80 koroks. I honestly don’t know what I’ve been doing for 45 hours!


Im just being a dickhead, i will clearly carry on doing side quests while i wait for some other games i actually wanna play to come out. Played an hour before work this morning.


It gives you it after you complete it, on your world map.

On Wii U, you can also go into your Daily Log and see your total time spent playing it. Not sure you can on Switch.


Best weird characters you meet along the way:

[spoiler]The useless, bumbling Yiga clan leader.

The couple up by the mountain pond you matchmake.

The lonely guy hanging around outside Gerudo village hoping to meet a girl, who you dupe into giving you all his cool gear.

One of the fisherman who you enlist to help open a shrine, making his day.

The korok dude with the maracas.

The girl who gets angry when you tread on her flowers.

The grumpy Zora elder who basically hates you.

Kass, who reveals who he is after you complete all his side quests.



I’ll add:

Kelson - The camp as fuck head builder in Hateno who appears to have a problem with his legs (he the only one sitting during the wedding ceremony at the end of “from the ground up”)
The guy trying to cook food but keeps burning it, giving off loads of smoke. Haven’t worked out why he exists yet.


Came across an odd glitch last night. i was fighting a Stone Talus when he managed to land a smash on me from above. It was so strong he smashed me through the floor and I ended up beneath the grass, walking around some graphic artefact that looked like a path. I couldn’t get out, every attempt to climb resulted in me stopping when I reach the actual floor. Ended up loading my previous save from 2 mins prior.

I had one other bug in all my 120 hours so far. I had one shrine where I had to shoot a crystal with an arrow to open a door. I did this but the door closed before I could get there. Googling it I found that it was a bug resulting form the specific bow and arrow combination I was using (savage lynel bow, normal arrow). When I switched to another bow it fixed it and the door stayed open…

Still, not bad considering the games size and scope.


i haven’t done a ton of side quests but i really enjoy the fake NPC liga clan encounters, i really look forward to them. much better than when they just appear tbh. their mean facial expressions crack me up


all about the maracas fella. great lad.


Kass :heart:

What a champ!



The Zora prince who tells you you’re his best friend gave me feels


Just spent an hour going back and forth between gerudo town and hateno buying and dyeing clothes :dizzy_face:


Killed my first Lynel. Have some, dickhead!


Went to Typhlo Ruins last night, did the shrine quest and had a wander around in the dark. Spent hours in this game and it’s nice that there’s still new stuff to explore.


Today’s the day! Can’t wait to fire it up when I’m home from work. Spoiler tags are back baby!


I only finished it last week so I think I’ll save this up and have both DLC packs as a nice Christmas present…