Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Flying up to the top of the temple of time on a tree. Fucking hell.


was exploring the castle a bit more and got to Ganon! I’m not sure I wanna do it yet - if I fast travel out can I get back to the same spot? I found one shrine in the castle but haven’t seen any other fast travel points?


Not sure if you can?


You can with the 4 beasts, but haven’t got far enough to check on Hyrule Castle.


went and fought ganon for a laugh after doing 2 beasts (can’t remember how many shrines) and came pretty close to beating him, when i went back after doing all 4 beasts it was laughably easy.


Ganon wasn’t so much hard as long. There wasn’t any technique or skill to it, or puzzle to solve. You just had to continue whacking him for about an hour solid. Hit him with about 100 bomb arrows and some lashings of the master sword and it didn’t do much. Had never had any cause to use that divine beast ability that gives a powerful hit before, but I had to look up how to use it mid battle as was just spending fucking yonks doing next to nothing. After I worked that out it was a breeze.


basically the same fight as Gohma from OoT isn’t it. goes up on the ceiling, knock it down, bash it a bit.


Been playing this in on and off since Christmas, but only really started playing it properly this week. It’s taken me a while to get into it but I did Zora’s domain and the Vah Ruta devine beast last night and I’m fully sold now.


Returned to the game for the first time in six months or so this evening. Had an absolutely wonderful time just running around to spots undiscovered on Hero’s Path and climbing about collecting Korok seeds. This game is just ceaselessly charming isn’t it?

Going to make a start on Champions Ballad, have to remember runes exist.


I spent ages trying all kinds of elaborate things going back to that the other month. Only remembered two hours into the game you can freeze water…


Without getting too spoiler-y, I could do with some Rupees and was wondering if it’s safe to sell diamonds and precious stones. Am I going to regret doing this further down the line?


Save a few of each but there’s plenty of opportunities to find more depending on how valuable they are


Cool, cheers!


This is a problem close to my heart with games like this. I’m scared to cook meals to, because I just know as soon as I do I’ll get a demand for 75 acorns or something silly from someone.


yeah building the town was kind of the last act in the game for me, proper did me in that


I have a real problem with hoarding items in RPGs, particularly powerful single use items. Always end up with megalixers in my inventory at the end of Final Fantasy games and struggle to bring myself to use them even if I know it’s the final battle.

Trying not to do that with this game, just unloaded all my ice arrows into some fire golem guy. Felt good!


I don’t consider myself a massive gamer but fucking love my switch. Have played 55 hours of Zelda in six weeks (which seems crazy).

Picture above was taken from the loo in a pub last night and I wanted to hit this light with something to try and complete the toilet shrine


after i finished playing it, everytime i’d see gaggle of pigeons my first thought was ‘chuck a bomb’


Spent most of Beast weekend playing this. Have just got to Hateno village, and got the camera. I think I’d massively underestimated how vast this game is. Gonna spend at least a week now just going round taking selfies in nice places.


The worst thing about playing it on Wii U was not being able to save many photos or share them. So proud of the images I took. An in-game photographer assignment would be amazing.