Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


I remember playing WInd Waker so much when it came out that this music would play in my head whenever I opened a cupboard.


So completing the compendium doesn’t count as an assignment? As that’s now become my #1 objective in the game (beating Ganon relegated to #2)


Well, true, there is that!

I meant a competition to reward amazing images posted online somehow. For example I got some of Stalhorses riding out of the mist, Guardians stood in front of lightning storms, sunsets reflecting off of decaying coliseums…


Ah cool, yeah I get you now. Maybe we could have a DiS competition? 50 indie points for the best photo.


Didn’t use the camera at all in the end. Were there any rewards for doing the compendium tasks? Were there any other side quests that made extensive use of it? [make sure to hide spoilers I guess] Just seemed very silly having found stuff, to then realising it’s a new item, and having to drop it on the floor to take a picture of it.

Had the odd truly breathtaking moment which I caught on camera. But mostly I was like, this is pretty, but same time tomorrow it’ll probably look the same.


Some of the sidequests use it, yeah.


I mean I remember bits and pieces of “take a picture of this pls”. But nothing that really made extensive or interesting use of it.


Ah, right. Yeah, the use of it is basically limited to that and the compendium as far as I can tell so far.


Have completed Zelda with all of the memories (although resorted to checking online for a couple of them,to save me many hours of fruitless searching). 110 hours and 31.8% complete, pesky little leaf creatures no doubt. Am now going back and still being surprised at the various areas I haven’t come across yet. Beautiful game. Will see when I get bored of it and finally decide it’s time for the download content.


Going off princess Zelda a bit… she just tried to force me to eat a live frog.


Talking of DLC (well in some other thread) I’m at the point where I am thinking about it (117 shrines, probably finish off the last divine beast tonight).

I don’t especially like fighting so I assume I shouldn’t bother with 1 and just go with 2? And am I supposed to play that prior to doing over Ganon or what?

Also where is the 120th shrine… aaarrrggghhh. I know where two more are. Even cheating it’s going to be difficult to locate.


You have to pay for both I think. First is all about fighting though. Second is largely a better mix.

It works probably slightly better narratively if you beat Ganon after you’ve played it, but you may be too overpowered if you do that. You possibly already are though to be honest…

I ended up opening my world map and comparing it on my phone to find the general areas where there were discrepancies. Took me ages…


Oh I will get it after Ganon then. I’m still not the greatest at fighting (barely use a shield at all) so overpowered is good for me.

Yeah comparing areas to find one shrine is going to be tricky and do my head in.


Not looking forward to that stage. I’ve got about 20 or so still to find and I’ll be honest, I’m wondering where on earth that many could be already.


I was on about 110ish and found three in a very small area that I just had happened to miss (one of them was those Goron bros stand on a hotplate challenge and the other two were just standard bleepers). I also stumbled across the Colosseum the other day. I have no idea how the fuck I had missed that. Was pretty easy to clear it out, would have been terrifying had I found it near the beginning.


hang on… there’s one in at the Colosseum? Not sure I’ve got that, even though I was there the other day.


No, there isn’t. Just I had never been there/knew of its existence.


Oh, right, good. I’d have felt like an idiot if I’d missed that! The DLC’s helped me a bit with finding things as it shows me where I’ve already been. Still discovering features here and there despite that though.


So you have the DLC… and you have or haven’t defeated Gazza?


haven’t. Bought the DLC very early on; probably had less than 10 shrines completed. It feels natural to do most of it before fighting Ganon tbh, but I can’t see any reason it won’t work after.