Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Decided to fight Ganon first and now I feel like it’ll be a looooooooong time before I actually return and do the DLC, reckon it’s better to do the DLC first too


Yeah cheated and found the last one. Goron one were you have to bring them the rock to cook and eat.

All 120 done. Need to chat on the last four memories though.


Can give you rough hints on where to go with those if you get stuck. I can already guess at one of those you’re missing.


do the boss fights just get super easy as you go through the game and become stronger? did my third divine beast and beat thunderblight ganon first try just by mashing attack (was using the master sword tbf)


7, 8, 12, 17

But I meant to type cheat not chat!


He’s the trickiest one.


master sword must just be super op then, all I had to do was get near him and button mash :man_shrugging:


7 is the oasis NE of Geurado Village, 8 is SW of Death Mountain, on a plateau W of Gorbri Lake and an arsenal to find. 12 is in Zelda’s bedroom at Hyrule Castle… It’s an offshoot of the main building - there’s a bridge to a tower of the West - you need to get up there.

17 unlocks after you’ve done the others and spoken to Impa about them again.


Cheers. Will take a look


Take that Ganon, you fucking prick!


Nice work.

Of the main game, I’ve only got 10 shrines left; I know where one of them is, not a scooby about the other 9.


Yeah I’ve done them all. Bought the DLC last night though…


Yeh, the master sword wrecks the divine beasts. Haven’t tackled Gannon yet but every boss has been first try apart from waterblight Gannon which was the first one I did


The DLC boss fights were good for this as they gave you specific weapons / limited arrows.


Down to 3 remaining shrines. Cheated to find number 117, and probably going to have to do so on the others as well. Also had to cheat to work out how on earth to do the star charts one. Still got a few sidequests I want to knock off, plus the DLC bosses before I go fuck up Gannon.


Yeah I cheated on the stars one. A right shit shrine, that one.


I posted this in the Switch thread, but I’m going to go into more detail here.

  • played about 45 hours now, utterly bewitched by the game
  • keep getting my own wee stories that I love, like how I accidentally landed on top of the igneous talus in Eldin and fought it off without even realising what was happening, or the big labyrtin I found in the sea and managed to navigate around it and complete it… ON MY OWN without a guide, felt proper proud of that
  • done one divinve beast and found it hard as nails. I think I am proper shite at the shrines, really don’t get all the things that the runes can do, like I didn’t have the Map of the elephant for about an hour trying to figure out how to use magnesis to move the wheels, only to have to read up that the room with the gate was just a quick cyronis block away, fucking wankers.
  • fell off the back of hateno village and found myself deep in a jungle, totally blew me away. had to find a stable to get my horse and get back on “track” and had hunners of folk asking for my help. no idea how to get back there now, but by goodness it reminded me how big the world is.
  • now I am in eldin and it feels even more huge, what a massive game.


I really feel like their decision to leave out the traditional Zelda soundtrack for more sparse, ambient and environmental cues was a stroke of genius. There’s something really moving and memorable about hearing those few piano flutters as dawn breaks over the gorgeous painterly landscape. It’s a game of amazing quiet moments and I don’t think since Flashback has a sense of restraint in a game’s soundtrack seemed so powerful to me.


even with most really good games, I enjoy playing them and then they are a kind of fond but forgettable memory, I keep finding myself missing playing Zelda, it had this kind of soothing and enthralling effect on me, it’s right up there with my favourite games of all time.


You’re absolutely right. The piano stabs as you start riding the horse are wonderful, the moment the game knows your suddenly taking it all in and the music swells, the little bits of theme music for certain areas… it is utterly brilliant.

You’re not the only one to notice it.

“In the evening I sit on the couch, letting the colours and sounds of the digital world wash over me, allowing my brain to slowly decompress. It’s a relaxation activity that slips nebulously into self-care, the video game equivalent of putting an ambient record on.”