Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


I’v always loved this kind of lonely melancholic feeling in games ever since Another World and Flashback on the mega drive, I think those were early formative experiences in art for me.


I did half of that divine beast, then left and ignored it for about the next 30 hours because I realised I didn’t understand the mechanics anywhere near well enough.

One part of me agrees with this, but another really misses it at times. I’ve listened to this so many times over the last couple of years.


I think the game is tricking me into thinking that I need to go and get the divinve beasts, isn’t it?

like there is this hurry that each main character tells me - but that’s all fake, right? I can just fucking about for 500 hours and not do anything?

I feel like after hateno I’ve yet to find a village that actually has a set of side quests I get. zora had a few that came up but fuck constantly having to battle those dickheads on the walk up each blood moon.

ps I’m doing a non-Fast Travel play through.


the wind waker soundtrack is brilliant but I dunno, there’s a beauty in the boldness of their choice, it really lets every environment speak for itself.


Oh, for sure. I think it’s the one place where it’s essential lack of Zelda-ness is noticable to me. I love Kondo’s soundtracks with a passion!


Yup. If you want to spend 1000 hours shield surfing, Ganon will happily wait for you.

Oh, man. I ran well out of the way to avoid a lot of them. Fast travel makes a hell of a difference (once you’ve done it once, you don’t have to do it again, but props to you going it without.


So, I don’t know what this is yet. It sounds right up my street, haha.


Wind Waker soundtrack is good…but it’s not quite Song of Healing


Can’t decide if this is madness or heroism, this is a very fucking big game


Armour upgrades are going to be a fucking nightmare


If you’re suggesting that the Song of Healing is better than the WW Ocean theme I’m afraid I’ll have to respectfully disagree. There’s too much sailing in Windwaker, but it’s the ultimate in adventuring themes. The Outset/Windfall Island ones are amazing too.


So long as Sheeldz has no aspiration to 100% the shrines it’s probably doable without getting too ridiculous.


They’re decent tunes that serve their purpose…but Song of Healing is the heart of Majora’s Mask. It’s the perfect mix of mournful and hopeful that is very apt for a game that is pretty much an ode to grief and the afterlife.


I’ve got about 11 shrines and 6 memories to go. I was getting really bored and was about to go and kick Gannon’s arse this morning because I just wanted to get the game finished. And then I spotted a weird green glow that I hadn’t seen before somewhere waaaay away on the map.

So I went to have a little look.

On my way I there a shooting star fell and I wandered off course to find that, which then led me to a massive bridge I hadn’t seen before. Farosh was weaving in and out of the bridge and the water below, so I flew around shooting him for scales for a little bit.

Finally I set back off on the trail of the mysterious glow, which turned out to be a bunch of weird green animal spirits sat around a little pond, under a cherry tree with blossom everywhere. One of the animal spirits was some lad with horns called “The Lord of the Mountain” which apparently you can tame and use as a mount. I scared him away but got a photo.

And now I love the game again.


The first time I found that pond with the rabbits and the Lord of the Mountain felt really magical. I went back at one point and mounted him, rode him down the mountain to register him and got told I couldn’t cos it’d curse the stable :frowning:


Yes! “Magical” is absolutely right. I can barely think of any other games that manage to really create those feelings. Really pleased I didn’t know about it beforehand because it made it feel like a special moment in this world. Disappointing that you can’t register him but I guess kind of makes sense in the context of the game’s world.


I enjoy the travel aspects a lot more than I was expecting.


And i remember when you doubted us at the start. Would we lie to you


I don’t know how the shrine sensor works - just beeps a bit when near one? Almost as useless as the Pokemon Go tracker thing.


Ignore the beeping, pay attention to how much of the circle fills when you walk in a particular direction.