Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


It’s like hot or cold. As it beeps louder, you’re getting warmer…


Finally took the plunge this evening and beat Ganon for the first time.

Was hitting a point where I felt like most of it was done: 110 shrines, most side quests that I’d found were done, got through lots of armour upgrades… doesn’t really feel close to getting tedious at all, and some day I’ll splash out for the DLC. But time to get on with it and get the job done, those other games in my backlog won’t play themselves.

90+ hours played, 33% complete?!?!

What a fantastic, beautiful, stupendous game.


I think the % complete figure is heavily weighted in favour of those leaf dudes who give you seeds - there are 900 of them after all.


900!!! I knew there were a lot but wow.


I’m with both of you. Love the sparse soundtrack overall, but also love that in certain parts of the game you do get chunky segments of the score, which really stay with you.

The final assault on Ganon when that music kicks in made me feel like a total, utter badass and ranks alongside my favourite moments in a game of all time.

Sure that the next Zelda will go a tad more towards a fuller score and slightly lengthier, more unique dungeons. Then it really will be perfect.


There’s a bit of the piano score that reminds me of a Radiohead song (Pyramid Song maybe?) and another that sounds like the intro to a Joni Mitchell song. I love it.


So, this is pissing me off. Smote this Talus thing, then spoke to a guy who “wants it defeated but can’t get there”. The game hasn’t realised I’ve already beat this boss, and it won’t come back 'til I presume is a blood moon.

Fucked me off that one.


You took the one out on the way up? That is the wrong Talus I think. There is another further north.


If you set it as your current task or whatever on side quests it will show you where it is.


ooooooooooh shit. wrong lake.


Bloody love the Talus music


Enjoying this chuchu waiting patiently while I finish my conversation.


Just 4 shrines to go…


Sod the shrines. Yesterday I was putting the master sword to use in it’s true purpose.

Cutting down as many trees as possible.


I’m just a korok masker nowadays. Nothing more frustrating than a call and shake and then not being able to find it.


I’ve tried and failed to find that mask twice now. :rage:


Do you want to know?


Not yet. I’m busy being a lumberjack :slight_smile:


I was more of a bomb lumberjack.


Actually sussed out that was the best way of doing that last night too - after wearing out every single sharp weapon I owned :frowning: