Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Wee update from me. Got the Shinre Quest on the tunnel in Eldin, went down and killed the bad guys, turned around and it was a fucking blood moon. Was stuck at the bottom of the hill with a few weapons and no arrows. Game fucked me there. Managed to meal-health-revive my way back out after four tries.

I think the Blood Moon aspect of the game to be the most frustrating. I hate that I spent ages lining upa group of guys, taking my time to strategise, defeat them in a bloody battle, and then five minutes later they’re all back.




Fuck me, I mean obviously I’m much too young for this screen to elicit any feelings of nostalgia:



man, the weather thing in this game really gets on my nerves. really don’t want to have to buy a fucking outfit to deal with some rain or get fried trying to cross a desert because I haven’t got the right sodding boots on.

i’m enjoying it, but man there are some shitty obstacles to actually playing the game. have gone through a slew of shitty side quests too for some reason. was photographing mushrooms earlier.


i also foolishly decided to explore west after doing the mammoth boss guy. can’t figure out how to climb the main tower there (there’s this poisonous sludge around the base, and no platforms).


Is that a request for hints, or just an update?


can you tell me if I should double back and explore somewhere else or continue with the shit to do here? I’ve already got into the sand town and spoken to the chief there, so there’s things happening, but I’m worried i’ve fucked the story a bit by coming here unprepared.


a single word ‘yes, continue in this location’, or ‘no, double back to the nice leafy areas’ will suffice.


So, FWIW, that’s the last tower I climbed to complete the map, but there’s a way up using the tools at your disposal if you’ve got some stamina boosts. Think about your powers to reach the tower.

I don’t think the main questline down that way is too bad, so long as you’ve got some heat resistance tbh.


i was walking around in armour that resembled that of a roman centurion before I found the crossdressing guy, if that gives you any indication as to how prepared I am.



In general, you get everything you need from the questline itself; the gear you used to get into the town will give you heat resistance so long as you wear it all, and you’ll get given other useful stuff later on. Do top up on doing shrines at some point if you don’t have many hearts though; it’s not strictly necessarily but will make your life easier if you have a dozen or more.


took one of those desert seals all the way south on an exploration mission right pass the big ganon camel thing, (somehow avoiding it), and found a shrine that had some asshole slumped over the sheikah controls asking for a lemonade or something :rage:


Ha. That also took me ages to work out!

You can get the drink somewhere in Geurado town.


Unfortunately there is never an outfit to deal with rain. What I would like us instead of a fucking whistle for horse button, alter that to change outfit if you have a complete set.


They really like golf and golf derivatives in Hyrule, eh.


Think I’m one of the few people who love the rain. Led to some amazing moments for me; epic storms, lightning attacks, mountains I took an hour to climb only to be greeted with a gorgeous view… Loved that I occasionally set up camp and just waited for it to pass whilst some deer ran past. Did get fucked off at it never stopping in Zora’s Domain though until you beat the Dungeon. Wasted an hour waiting for it to pass!


spent about 3 hours on thunderblight ganon. considering rage quitting the dungeon.


Got to that bit end of January, only finished it yesterday.




Oh, mate - you should have got more hearts before taking him on!

(How does the video thing work?)