Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


kind of felt as though I couldn’t go back after putting 2 or 3 hours into figuring out his moves etc.

you can post to social media but it compresses the footage/screenshots too much for me. I just took the sd card out and put it in my computer (I have an adapter thing for photos etc)


And some clothing with any level of protection.


who’'s laughing now though, mate!

(not me, still a bit shaken from the experience)


Well you probably got a lot more satisfaction than me. I did this one really last up. Had 25ish stars and loads of stamina, fully upgraded ancient armour (I don’t think you have to wear the desert stuff in there as far as I can remember) and some anti-electricity food.


you don’t, but I got really paranoid about my armour being made of metal so just did it in the harem pants.


I meant how do you get the Swtich to generate the video in the first place?


oh, just hold down the screenshot button.


what the hell is this ‘flurry rush’ thing??


you get it if you do a perfect dodge. had to keep doing it with this boss.



Of course!


Nobends move, pal. Stand and slash is what it’s all about.


I never even learned how to use the shield properly (apart from for surfing down hills) and still smashed Ganon eventually


served me well enough :man_shrugging:

(thunderblight ganon is really easy when you have the master sword anyway)


Yeah shields are for surfing and parrying guardians (until you get ancient arrows) only.


A few things here.

  • I have no idea what a shield does. Not yet met someone to explain in game what shield surfing is, so staying ignorant, but “parrying” doesn’t make sense to me and I’ve done the shrine at kakariko village five times. Never seems to work in real combat.
  • as such, the flurry attack is useless.
  • the miphas Grace is almost a game breaker, in some instances. Also, so are fairies. Stock up on them and you’re sorted.
  • just got the Rudania beast done which was fucking quality. Did it walk-through free which was a huge get g for me. Loved the puzzles in that one. Boss was easy once I figured out he was sucking in the heat from around. Not bad.
  • still doing no fast travel.
  • done two fucking talus in eldin and found that they both weren’t the one the dick in the town wants. Prick. Fucking never satisfied.
  • also was exploring the back after failing the shrine at the end of the rollercoaster bit and was convinced that I saw a massive fire / lava tentacle with yellow spikes. Freaked out. Ran after it and couldn’t find it again, and googling turned up nothing… Hmmmm…


Same here.

I only really manage to pull this out of the bag when dodging over and over again. Now, I’m shit at combat generally in things so entirely willing to accept it might be my shit skills but it generally feels almost random as to whether the game decides to give you a break and allow you to parry/dodge and flurry.

Straight up combat is definitely one of the weaker elements of the game for me. Luckily so much else is just wonderful that I don’t mind that much.

Fair play to you!

I bought the DLC over the weekend because I didn’t want to go and kill Ganon just yet. Been doing some of the Master Sword trial things. They get quite hard, quite fast.


Yup, definitely agree, boss battles aside I just legged it from most of the fights because they weren’t very enjoyable and, more importantly, there was absolutely no in-game benefit to doing the random encounter fights.


I got the DLC but all I do is wander around with the korok mask on. Think I have approaching 300 now.


I’ve never really bothered trying beyond the shrine that makes you do it. Dodge works at times for me - very useful for Strong Tests of Strength.

Could be an Igneo Talus? There’s one somewhere north of that shrine I think.


Apart from needing to farm monster bits for upgrading outfits.

Reckon I’ll start doing this as I approach the point where I have nothing else left to do but punch Ganon up the guts.

Best bit of the Koroks is finding one hiding under a rock and dropping said rock on its head for hiding in the first place.