Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


I really enjoy their surprised cry of pain when you do that.


Sounds like it could be Dinraal?


Oh, yeah, it could be, good call that, particularly if @Sheeldz hasn’t seen Farosh or Naydra yet.


Beat ganon over the wkend, tbh I was:

Pretty disappointed with both boss fight and ending (I had all the memories so got the extra post credits scene).

Skyward sword had an ace ending, expected more than literally 2 mins of post game end.

Overall, still pretty much best game ever territory tho, so, y’know.[/spoiler]


I couldn’t believe it when it was horse based. I don’t fucking use horses, mate. Still it was pretty piss


Still haven’t learnt how to surf with the shield…


Can’t remember where it is in the game but there’s a couple of dudes in a tent on a road next to a little grassy hill who teach you


or the woman in the hut at the top of that snowy mountain


North (and possibly slightly East) of Hyrule Castle just above the river


Actually I tell you which fucking koroks I can’t do the sodding three trees in a line. Even cheated and it says you have to have the same amount of fruit on every tree. Does not work for me.


The journey to the boss was amazing. the fight itself… Yeah, so so.


Hyrule castle is awesome. Really cool area, great music, loads of loot. Proper foreboding as well.


It’s bloody terrifying. Hadn’t discovered guardian arrows when I tried to visit the first time and those bloody things are EVERYWHERE!


What the fuck is the Faron area about then? Wizrobe cunts everywhere, weird long snake hovering thing, lightning, unlimited graphical slowdown.

There appears to be no objectives. What the fuck?


Finished this before.

Enjoyed it quite a bit. Would like to just roam around now leisurely, but I really can’t quite be bothered with the random battles etc just now.


The first thing I did when at Hyrule castle was swim up the waterfall straight to the where the Lynels are. Decided to go back down because there was probably a door somewhere. Glad I did, one of those instances where a lack of linearity could result in you really missing out


Though if you’re really badass you do it like this (obvious spoiler alert)


There are several regions with no main objective as such. Basically you’ll want to do shrines, level up, get richer, some side quests and generally have a nice doss around somewhere new. You’ll want to do the dragon bit though really.



I can’t seem to trigger a quest to fight the dragon. I’ve tried jumping on it and getting stocks, bomb arrows on its head, general arrows on its eyes… Seems impossible to fight! Can’t get a hit on it. I have now ditched the dragon (cause fuck the slowdown in that area and the weather) and found myself a new village on the sea which is nice but again has very little to do. Ah well. My procrastinating on the two other beasts might have to end haha.


It’s the yellow dragon, right?

you can’t kill it as far as I know.

There’s a shrine quest related to it somewhere NW of the trio of waterfalls.