Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Yeah @colinzealuk is right. You don’t kill any of the dragons. Just farm them for scales/teeth which give access to a few shrines and clothing upgrades


I don’t know if it’s the right order but the one at the top of Mount lanryu seems to make sense to do first


At least because I think it explains what the deal is with them all


Yeh, I had good old explore, then, when I was ready to fight ganon, just made a b-line to boss fight. Kinda wish I’d had visited the castle for the first time and then did the fight.


It’s by far the most obvious shrine location too.


Ganon? More like GanGONE.

You know, because I stuffed him up good.

Amazing game. So many beautiful little touches and surprising moments. Even right until the end I was finding new stuff and once I got all the memories the story - slight as it is - was actually a lot better done that I’d originally given it credit for.

The only weak points for me were probably the combat not being as refined as it should be, and the breakable weapons. Reckon it’s easily in the top 5 games of all time for me though.


I just keep bumping this thread with updates on my play through, but I feel like it’s the only place I can update my thoughts.

  • Still hate fucking Blood Moons. Really random mechanic that appears to chose the worst moments to respwan all the enemies.
  • So I’ve got two of the beasts, and as I’m doing a no fast travel run, it’s taken me around a month in-game and a week to travel from Eldin, to Zora, then to Akala (gotta see what the Goron’s are doing at Tarrey Town) and then to Hateno to get my house fixed up a bit. I love not fast travelling.
  • After being very confused what to do with the dragon in Faron, I went to go up the snow mountain that I’d totally missed. Obviously I’d not spoken to anyone who’d told me to go up there, so I did some fannying around. went up the mountain and found that whole bit FUCKING INCREDIBLE. Best part of the game for me - leaping off the mountain was so ace. Brilliant bit, would do again.
  • When going across the Hylia Bridge there was another dragon, which was spooky. They’re so silent it’s quite scary actually. Not sure what to do with that one.
  • Now been told by Hudson to go and find somewhere they weave or something, so for the first time in a long time I’m off my Map at the Outskirts Stable, and there are like five side quests activated here. So happy.
  • Also came across some weird black purple goo and a big camp. Ran away, but that looks like a lot of fun.


That snow mountain bit was when I properly fell for the game. I found it quite early on and I found it magical.


Blood moons are really useful for harvesting stuff, otherwise you would be stuffed.


Mate, I have near 200 Moblin Horns and Boblin Guts and Lizafalos Tails, each, no need to farm at all.


Not random (happen at defined intervals) and completely necessary to stop the whole place becoming a desert but fucking hell that cut scene that comes on every time annoys the fuck out of me


Yeah but Lynels and also food and even korok trees that you have fucked. I like a blood moon, I would rather the nighttime skeletons fucked off.


Being able to skip it would be a huge quality of life improvement.


nearly finished the DLC (not the fighting one, that’s too hard for me)

Think I’m going to try and get the 30 or so shrines I’ve not got and do a few side quests and things - but I’m picking up DKCTF later so???

Disturbed a Lynel yesterday and beat him! I’ve always run away from them till now, finally starting to get the hang of flurry attacks


you can

just hammer some buttons when it comes on and it senses how bored you are and lets you press the + button to skip it


Are you not using stasis on Lynels? Even the toughest ones become piss with a bit of this and a few arrows to the mush to start off with. Plus some decent armour doesn’t hurt


not tried that-every time I’v tried Stasis on big baddies in the past (like on those big rock fuckers) they’ve just like shrugged it off after like a secondMaybe I’m doing it wrong?


It doesn’t last that long but it means you can dodge their attack and start slamming them from the side and it takes them a while to regather or mount them (I believe that if you are mounted on a lynel your weapon won’t take any damage either - but don’t quote me on that)


you can mount Lynels? Sounds … sexy


This is amazing. Some guy baits a guardian towards a molduga so they can fight each other. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ_rHBYFSP4