Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Just did the Hateno Village shrine. Switch nearly got thrown out the fucking window.


I really dislike the shrines. Never know what I am to, the level design is boring, and I don’t know why there are so many. What the fuck do the orbs do except give me hearts and stamina when I can just make meals? I actually avoid them now. Ha. Not what the were expecting I assume.

I mean, can I just skip them? Is don’t see them as important. And half of them, maybe 80%, are impossible without me being nudged by a FAQ. Either that or I’m a dumb cunt.

Like the Gerudo Town electric one is SO FUCKING BULLSHIT.


is that the ‘motion control’ one? if so, I spent 4 hours doing that. was nearly in tears by the end.


you get some sweet gear in a few of them.


That break in thirty seconds. Nah.


The motion control ones are some of the most frustrating things I’ve ever had to do in a video game.


idk, the ancient weapons and shields are really useful, and some shrines have clothes.


You should have seen me trying to do some of them on the tube. Looked like a right prick holding my Switch upside down and behind my head trying to get some sodding steps in the right place to walk up them.

On the whole though I thought most of the shrines are fine.


Fucks sake the chest that I assumed was optional is metallic. Fuck this gane.


I agree with sheeldz that the level design on them is absolute shit. they also don’t last long enough, and the puzzles are really formulaic.


i basically do them so I have fast travel to multiple locations and for the gear :man_shrugging:

can’t get enough ancient cores.


I think there’s a balance issue with them, for sure, but there weren’t many (other than the major strength tests) where I had to give up and come back or cheat to do them

The constellation one is utter bullshit though.


cheated on the constellation one for sure. it just didn’t make sense.

never had an issue with the strength test ones, but I think thats because I did electro ganon blight really early on and learned lots about the combat as a result.

I say lots, but I mean how to flurry.


You don’t need to do them to access the fast travel.

I was a fan of them (bar the motion control ones and even they weren’t too bad with the pro controller).


Yeah you need enough orbs to get the master sword. I mean, you can complete the game without that if you want. You don’t actually have to do any of it to complete it, divine beasts, memories, whatever. Play how you want.

But… maybe persist with the shrines? The answer is almost always going to be one of your rune abilities or like fire or something. I know it’s less intuitive when you haven’t played Zelda before, but stick with it? Some of them are great and really satisfying.


what? there’s another way to travel to the location of the shrine aside from completing the shrine?


As soon as you access the shrine you can fast travel to it… I think. Don’t make me doubt myself.


Aye, fuck that.


oh shit, didn’t know that.


The dueling peaks pair were also fairly annoying