Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


You take that back! :sob:


getting to the higher dueling peaks shrine was a fucking ballache. its really visable from a few towers too, so I always had it in my head to go and do it, but the climb is brutal, even with the gust power.


I cheated like an absolute bastard on a bunch of the others but that one seemed relatively straightforward to me. :man_shrugging:


very valid complaint this. compared to the usual dungeons, the shrines and the divine beasts are a bit bland. i get they had to do a million shrines so making them all fancy would have been difficult but eh. in general the variety and depth to the world more than makes up for it though


I don’t think a single one has been satisfying. :frowning:


Getting powerful enough to absolutely smash a major test of strength is pretty satisfying.


crazy how different people’s experiences are. I loved nearly all of them. Bite sized little puzzles to play around with for 5 or 10 minutes at most then finish.


then again I think most traditional Zelda dungeons are too long and boring


Ha. This is about the only one I can remember thinking “that was a satisfying and logical puzzle to work out.”

Not many - apart from the motion control ones - I thought were bad. On the other hand, I like completing things and if I didn’t like doing the same thing over and over again, I would never have finished Bloodborne.


Big shrine fan here, some are better than others and the motion control ones are a bit of a pain - but on the whole :+1::+1::+1::+1::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:





I think for that one I tilted the maze, jumped into it and stasis-ed the ball and smacked it around.


I’m also in favour of the shrines but this one was incredibly frustrating.



I did it what I assume was the intended way… You have to sort of flick the ball up at the end to get it to jump that gap.


Oh I hated that one


the perspective makes it really unclear how far that jump is though. thought i’d done it several times only to see it not get anywhere near


Looks like there is a simpler solution (although it wasn’t too bad with the pro controller as far as I remember)

You cannot turn off motion controls, but you can mess with them enough to bypass this puzzle entirely. Turn over the platform entirely – so it’s upside-down, with the maze out of sight and the balls dropping on the flat reverse side.
Now, angle the maze so the ball rolls quickly towards the platform you are trying to get it to. As it plummets down the flat surface, flick it up to throw the ball towards where its supposed to go. It’s easier than the maze, but it might take a few tries! IGN was able to flick the ball all the way down to the hole, bypassing the ramp, but if you hit any part of the ramp, you’re good.
Another method to this is rather than turning the platform over entirely, just hold your controller or joy-cons straight up so that that maze is completely on it’s side, facing you. When the ball drops, it will roll on the “side” of the maze wall and straight onto the ramp. There is no flicking necessary.


I found the best way of doing that - and pretty much all of the motion control shrines - was to undock the joycons from the switch/controller and just rotate them separately.

If I remember rightly it’s only the right hand one that actually had any bearing on stuff moving on screen.


Yeah did it that way the second time as I could not be arsed in the slightest (wiped a solid 10-15 hours of play by mistake when letting the ex-TV have a bash at the game, not realising there was only one save file).


ex for a reason