Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Yeah that bit is a bit shit but the section is really quite small. Once you have died a few times you should get through.

Not sure if you know the following:

You need to distract the guards with bananas.


Yeah, but the sneakstrike sometimes works, sometimes it doesn’t… :frowning:


Best to just avoid being seen at all tbh.


I don’t reckon I have the patience for that

Oh I meant distract and avoid.


How do you mean? They’d just see me though?

That’s the issue I have with stealth games - how good the AI is is kinda… Never defined. Ugh.


If you stick some nanas at the edge of a box and then hide round the other side they will go and start looking at them/doing whatever with them and you can walk round the other side. Get them when they are going away from where you want to go and stick to the roof in that final room as much as you can.


i somehow managed to get all the guards chasing me around that level despite the gate slamming shut behind me. spent about 5 minutes legging it between rooms before cheesing it through the exit at the end


Worst bit of the whole game for me. Just bought the stealth armour, had stealth food and kinda cheesed it in the end.


A few times? I’ve died at least 20 times just at the first two dickheads. Now there are a room of them, and I have no idea what the fuck I’m supposed to do.





First one, five arrows to the face and he is down. Next one do the nana trick. Then in the room I think drop down from on high (the left hand side as you are first facing it).

This as far as I remember (could be a bit wrong and unclear!)


boy thing


Thinking of selling this to one of the cheat sites


An example of Sneakstrike not working.


don’t really understand why they/you were attacking there - could have just run through the gate and onto the next bit.


I was bananaing to the top left of that first box.


But hell just turn round as I walk past, so the only way to be sure is to kill?


use the bananas mate