Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


FWIW, I didn’t kill any of the Yiga to get through the Stealth bit. Just distracted them and ran, or found a route out of sight (usually by climbing).


Same other than the first one as it was quicker to arrow the fuck out of his face in slomo mode and you get your arrows back if you die anyway.


I’m obviously missing something. Anytime I’ve dropped some bananas, they’ve taken them and immediately turned round.

Very confused.


Yeah that sequence is shite. Yiga clan can go to hell. There is an easy way around that I later discovered. Can’t remember what it is now, mind…


They kind of trot toward them really slowly though so it gives you time to run around a corner behind them


The little dance they do over to the bananas takes a bit of time which you can use to your advantage (ie place them far away from them)


Thanks everyone, managed to basically just run past the cunts. Did it in 3 mins knowing that you could bait them. Ridiculous.


bit saddened that sheeldz hates the greatest game ever made :frowning:


No no no, god, I LOVE it. Its like when your dog, you adore, takes a shit in your house. You hate it happens but you certainly don’t hate them. Part and parcel of love is the hate.


Ohhhh FUCK, i have realised I hate thunderblight ganon. jesus.

gerudo has made me want to put the game down and never play it again. what a horrendous CUNT of a region. fuck the weirdly racist designs and their stupid desert cunt of a shithole. Nah, not going to be able to keep getting trounced by his third phase, fuck this beast. I am away to dick around in a forest. get my enjoyment of the game back. come back when i’ve got all the fucking armour, hearts, and everything in the world.


thunderblight ganon nearly broke me. still haven’t mentally recovered.


it’s unreal. out of everything in this game, electricity is the one thing i absolutely hate. i lost maybe 10 or 15 game overs to just simply electric keese.


haha, yeah me too. the lightning is bullshit too.


I genuinely think i’ve ruined the game for me by coming here too early? either i was just lulled into a false sense of enjoyment with the other areas or it’s a ridiculous difficulty spike, but every single part of gerudo is pure shit.

  • lightning
  • the heat/cold cycle
  • the long desert walk bit with no horses
  • the insanely shit design
  • the boss
  • the whole dungeon was the most mind bending puzzle i’ve ever had to do in a game
  • it’s just… got nothing?

yeah, hard pass on gerudo. walking back to the stable to get my horse and seeya latering the fuck out of here. maybe i’ll be back. going to do some sightseeing and check on Tarrey Town.


See I found it last of all and bloody loved chunks of it. Really different change of pace and one that really tested by navigation and traversal skills.


Think it’s sort of meant to be done last. Obviously like everything in the game, you do it in when you want, but all those things are sort of soft barriers telling you to go do something else I reckon


You didn’t hitch a lift with a sand seal then?


i just ploughed through it. only REALLY shitty difficult bit was electroganon


i hit a similar wall and as everyone here yelled at me you really have to learn the hard way to be prepared when you’re gonna go to a new place with new environmental factors. stock the hell up, don’t be a hero,


Unless I’m mistaken, there aren’t any at the stable/gate or the bazaar bit?