Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


i’ve found it endlessly furstrating and near soul destroying, to be honest. really souring a brilliant game experience. it seriously feels like a totally different, endlessly shite game. Gerudo feels like the type of game i can’t describe to you how much i hate - difficulty spikes for no reason, stealth section, empty open world. it’s like everything about the rest of the game i like, expect the exact opposite. ha.


there are a load of them outside gerudo town.


aye, but not going in the other direction


really want to play this game again now but maybe it’s not been long enough yet


Do the dlc if you haven’t already. Pretty good excuse to go back to it and a fair slice of new content.


Thought it looked a bit expensive


I thought it was pretty fair for what you get. Got a few dozen more hours out of it myself. I’m sure others can chime in but i was more than happy with it, pretty solid challenge too.


I found the chest quests and hero trail of DLC 1 great, but never loved the combat task.

I found replaying some of the versions of Ganon rubbish in DLC2 and the story underwhelmed a bit but I adored that opening hour or two, the new dungeon, the final boss and how much fun the bonus for completing it was.

Overall it was largely more of the same, but kept me busy for a good 10 or so hours I reckon.


Maybe I’ll just play a link to the past instead as I never beat that one


One good thing that came out of Thunderblight ganon, bar my increased rage at the game aiming for shite, was that it’s explained to me quite a bit about the combat that i have neglected to pick up in the 70+ hours i’ve played, which is mental.

  • Shields (lol) don’t work all the time - I didn’t realise that some weapons were “two handed”, if that makes sense.
  • Also, didn’t fully realise that you won’t lift your shield when you’ve got a bow and arrow out. (As in, it wont come out unless you put away the bow and arrow).
  • The internet keep talking about the “perfect dodge” and “flurry attacks” that I don’t understand, but Link did start doing a neat back flip when I pressed jump yesterday
  • if you add a powerup from food, then add another one, the second will overwrite the first. this pissed me off - added attack, defense, shock resistance, and speed, to only realise one was active, and it was the rubbish one. what a waste.

so yeah, it’s explained a lot about the game that I am confused as to how I managed to miss. weird.


Have you been to Kakiriko village? The nearest shrine there is a fighting tutorial but I barely used the flurry attacks. Just got hard as fuck from shrining and armour upgrades.


Yeah,. I’ve done that shrine but it has never worked in actual play. Odd.


It’s all about timing. Jump back or to the side just as an enemy is starting to swing and it should trigger a dodge which then gives you the chance for multiple free hits. The guardians in the shrines are particularly good to practice on because the little jerk just before they attack with a sword or axe perfectly telegraphs when to dodge.


Yeah, shield deflections are good too. Leave enemies weak. Trick with the combat is just a bit of patience. Don’t charge in, be a badass


Was too easy to cheat with combat. A “major” test of strength: freeze the guardian, change weapons, whack him a few times, freeze him, whack him, freeze him, whack him. Literally won’t put in a single attack before you kill it. Then before you know it, you’re strong enough not to bother with it anymore. Would have liked if there was more bits like in the DLC where you’re stripped of your weapons, and then you have to master the combat to beat the challenge


Got a question that has appeared recently, after sacking Gerudo and walking north.

I did this maybe 50 hours of game ago, so like two months back, but what do the Great Fairy Fountains do? I have no need to upgrade my Hylian tunic from 5 to 8 or whatever, right? I mean, what’s the point in that? YOu can do much better numbers by just eating a shit load of Ironshrooms, right?

Have I once again missed something?


If you upgrade these things then you don’t have to worry about Ironshrooms and all that shit. Also a lot of armour sets have bonuses if you upgrade all bits twice. Some very useful (climbing).

And then you can eat a meal that does something else if you like.


Relying on active items to buff stats as opposed to passives on armor in the late game seems like a pain in the arse and a very inefficient and frustrating way to play the game


But I only have like two armour? Where do you get more? I have the flame one for eldin, and the zora one. That’s it.


Shrines and shops