Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


The climbing armour will change your LIFE


i have that, but it makes almost no difference, just a little bit faster?

I fear I am, once again, totally missing something that the game has failed to explain to me or I’ve totally missed. :frowning:


Good example of why this game is so great- couldn’t imagine playing without using the climbing gear primarily (although also have a lot of love for the daft punk around the world skeleton set when taking a nightime stroll, and the stupid lightning resistant hat thing).


^ this. there are so many aspects to this game that are just really badly explained, or you’re expected to find out yourself through luck or happening over random NPCs or locations that don’t flow naturally at all from where you’re guided to go to follow the story. makes the game very frustrating overall imo


I find that the further I’m getting into the game the more that I realise I’ve been playing it for the past 70 hours very differently to what I might need to be playing it.

I have no idea why there is a dye shop in Hateno village, for example.


What you’re missing is basically the same thing I think you’re missing with hearts & stamina from the shrines. If you upgrade your tunic AND eat a shitload of ironshrooms, then you get a bigger boost than if you just do one of them. Also, as you discovered recently, you can only have one status effect at a time, so if you want stamina or higher attack, you lose your armor boost. With the fairy upgrades they’re permanent.

As with almost everything in the game, it’s optional but useful.


I feel that way as well, and I’m about that far in. In combat I basically button-mash. Haven’t found any fairy fountains apart from the first one. Heard loads about being able to own your own house and Tarrey Town, eventually looked them up and they all stem from having to talk to one random NPC in Hateno Village?


Yep. I now talk to literally every single person, and as such fight the Yiga all the time. Haha.


If you get the whole set you can climb pretty quickly though, which is helpful. As others have said, getting armour sets and upgrading when you can avoids the need to make loads of meals for every eventuality. I don’t think I used ironshrooms and that until I came up against Lynels.


thinking of starting a hardcore permadeath run of Zelda!


I don’t get the problem with some of the stuff being harder to find. The harder stuff isn’t essential to the story, all the main stuff is heavily hinted at. Surely talking to an NPC in probably the biggest town is fine for starting off a cool but fairy inconsequential side quest?

Where would the satisfaction be if you were gifted everything?


In my inventory, next to all my sweet gear.


I don’t find that annoying. I what I find annoying is that it seems I’m missing tutorials or explanations of core mechanics. Still don’t really know where to buy armour.


I can see that. There were some core aspects I would have liked explaining, even though I did get there in the end. Armour wise, there are a couple of shops in the first two towns you get to which will see you though for a while. Every “race” town (related to each beast) that you have to go through, will have a shop with some useful kit you can buy. Everything else is fairly non-essential, and you may or may not come across. It may make things a bit easier, and it’s nice from a completionist point of view but not essential. I do think the fairy fountains could have been a bit clearer explained, signposted.

I think I’ve just been gradually bored with having every Zelda explain everything so much. BOTW felt refreshing and rewarding.


just started this game again, oh my god it’s amazing! I forgot just how relaxing it is to just run around doing nothing just enjoying running up hills, chopping trees, pushing rocks around. Pure escapism


I laughed at this


This is relevant to my interests.


Just got the Climbing bandana wish I remembers where the rest of that gear was!

P.s. This game is the best


Finally bought a Switch on Saturday. Zelda, Revelations 1 and Ikaruga. Need a damn micro SD card already I think. Console is lovely.


@xylo - why didn’t you let us know you were doing this again?