Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Kills me that this guy has the conviction I lacked


*masses of free time



So I got all the beasts. Now I’m supposed to go and get Ganon, but I can’t get close to the castle no matter how I try. The guardians are overwhelming me. @bamnan said to use to master sword, and it sometimes flows but most of the time it is a weak as shit sword. Can’t really do it.

So, unless I want to waste 5 guardian arrows on each one. It’s mental. Like, what the fuck have I missed?


. Master sword is 60 strength against guardian stuff but 30 against normal enemies.

. Ancient arrows should be a one hit kill If you hit the guardian in the eyeball I think.

. Guardian shields can deflect the beams back at the guardians if you defend when they shoot.

. Have you upgraded your stasis rune so it can freeze enemies in time? This can help with guardians so you can get in close and chop off their legs with the master sword.

. Good luck!


Literally only use guardian arrows as I’m too chicken to get near the bastards and never figured out how to use shields properly. One shot right in the eye should do it, then nab all the machine parts when they die and get more arrows.


Think there’s a secret way into the castle. And if you walk through the ruins slowly, some Guardians go on huge long walks and won’t see you. But you have to be patient.

Could start a fire, shoot up in the air and sail over a few?


I have the Revalis Gale thing. So that’s an idea.


Didn’t realise you could freeze enemies. Jesus, this is a game changer.


you can hit the guardians with normal arrows in the eye and it stuns them. then chop the legs off so it can’t move. then kill it.

also use shield dodge here.


you can paraglide into the castle (i won’t say from where because spoilers), sidestepping the guardians outside, if memory serves me right.


I can catapult yourself into the castle from the plateau at the very start of the game as well. Whats the current record for speed running that game? Like 12mins?


Almost wish I’d never known. Bit of an easy cop out in difficult fights. I’d hoard ice weapons then just repeatedly freeze the enemy, switch weapons, whack him, freeze, switch, whack. Prevented me ever bothering to get good at the combat system for the tests of strength.


Yeah I had to ween myself off that. Too easy to walk certain sections.

Almost time for a replay I think!


I had almost all the shrines done by the time I went for Ganon and levelled up all my armour quite a bit. So I’m not sure if I had good tactics with the guardians at that point, or whether I just took the hit and didn’t die.

Lots of tactics mentioned above to avoid death. I had guardian armour and shield and did a lot of laser reflecting to hit them back with their own. I didn’t use guardian arrows but no reason why not if you want to pay for it. A lot of them weren’t so bad once I’d lobbed off a couple of legs


Has anyone played this on Wii U rather than Switch and is it any use? I’m wanting to introduce the kids to their first ‘proper’ game but their Wii U is still fine for them just now. I’m thinking either this or Wind Waker.


The game runs fine, the difference in versions is minimal, it runs slightly better on Switch


My reservations are that it’s rock hard to begin with and learning all the Zelda tropes too makes it a very step learning curve for newcomers. Plenty of seasoned gamers in this thread complaining about being useless at it at first.

Not sure how people got along with BOTW with their kids? Depends on age though obviously


Yup beat the whole game on Wii U. No issues at all. Audio is minimally better on Switch, otherwise identical.


This is a good point though. May be better off tackling Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess first.

Wind Waker is better than both of those in my book but slightly harder later in game.


Might have to have a wander around Hyrule tonight. It’s been a long time. If my Dead Cells addiction allows that is.