Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


How do you level armour again? I keep forgetting all the things the game has. Its a nightmare.

Never been able to do this, ironically.

I don’t know how many I’ve done but I really don’t see the reason to do them. I keep finding the Tests of Strength ones and all they do is deplete my arrows, break a bunch of my weapons, and cost me some meals. It seems like a brutal gameplay loop.

This was me. I went ten or 15 hours of gameplay before realising you could get clothes. Just assumed naked Link was this game’s jam.

As an aside - I spent ages trekking back to Impa as that’s what the main quest asked me to do - and then it was like OK. Cool. Go and do Ganon. I appreciate the level of freedom, but I feel like the games ultimate weakness is that after 120 hours of gameplay for me, as a total casual, it really is so difficult. Like, at this point I feel like getting to Ganon should be a cake walk, but as soon as I launch off one of the towers or whatever trying to go through the ruins of the castle the Guardians are just all over me. I assumed by this point I’d have armour thatd actually help (assuming armour actually does something, which I can’t tell) and it just doesnt. I put on this wee necklet thing from Gerudo or something and it does nothing. What am I missing?

Seriously, this game is the title that has given me the most whiplash emotionally. It is easily the best game I’ve ever played but simultaneously I hate so many pasts. The Yiga Clan hideout, Thunder Blight Ganon, and the trial that is totally in the dark are real low points.


To get more hearts and increase the stamina wheel.


Great, thanks, might start them with one of the others then, they’ve played Mario, Yoshi etc but nothing like this with a proper story and quests and stuff.


So, levelling up armour. You go to one of the four great fairy fountains and if you have the right goods she’ll upgrade a piece of armour. At that point it will tell you what you need to level up, four upgrades per item. Each item requires different things to upgrade, fawna, bugs, monster parts etc. The more you upgrade an item the rarer the parts you need.

Why do the shrines? Well, I liked doing them. They forced me to explore every nook and cranny and that was quite satisfying. But for you the main thing is you can use 4 shrines orbs to trade for a heart container or stamina. So, given I’d done nearly all of them I had tonnes of hearts and stamina, which made guardians much easier.


I spent hours fleeing from guardians until a mate showed me that you literally just use the shield to reflect their attack straight back at them and kill them in one


There are so many ways to do everything, and I personally found it hugely refreshing to be left to discover everything after the last few zeldas just told you, but it does seem like a lot struggled and missed a lot, so some hint system would probably have been sensible, even if you could just turn it on/off


I had no idea where to find any of the fairy fountains after the first one


I agree. The game really throws you in the deep end. I was stuck for 2 weeks on the mission to collect lightning arrows, thinking I had to defeat the lion


I defeated the lynel! Took me ages but was quite thrilling and satisfying in the end.


I think it really takes some exploring to find everything. By going for all the shrines and really scouring the map I tended to just come across stuff. At the same time I totally missed one fairy fountain til near the end and a mate ended up telling me. Wasnt hidden at all I just missed it


There is a secret/ back way into the castle. That’s how I did it


I have maybe 15 hearts and a double and half wheel I think? It seems enough. I got the Master Sword which after Bam told me how it works it might make a bit of a difference.

I have a few of them I think, but they seemed so out of place and shit I ignored them. Maybe I have two or three of them? I didn’t realise they served any purpose other than finishing a few side quests.

Do they make a discerning difference? The only armours I know I have are the ones needed for the four beasts, the best one, the Winter one etc.

Read this online and can’t do it, ever. Shields, as I said ironically, are utterly useless to me. Half the time they don’t even come out. Dodging and blocking and I’d say 90% of the battle mechanics are impossible to pull of, I find. I just rush in with arrows and a big fuck off sword and use a bunch of meals and eat hearts. I guess I’m shit at the game part of the game?

It me. It should have had an option for “Have you played a Zelda game before?” ironically considering how much different this one appears to have been, but so many conventions are still in place it is hard to explain how difficult it has been as a total novice.

Never even came close to one since my first encounter with one. Fucking game breaking impossible battle. Never going to fight one.


I agree that initial lynel challenge is stupidly hard, and it’s the easiest lynel you face!

Armour upgrades make a huge difference to how often you die. I’d pick the soldiers armour and level it up as much as you can. I actually became a bit obsessed with levelling up after I finished gamin. It easily accounted for 30 or so hours of play later. I just likely exploring at my own pace and this gave my meanderings a bit of purpose


Use the upgraded stasis rune on lynels. Few arrows in their mush on the way in and they become pretty damn easy once powered up. Plus they drop some good stuff.


It’s just a timing thing. You ‘use’ shield just as they fire at you and seems to work no problem for me. But I’m also terrible at defence and go all out attack instead


I’m sure you know, but just in case, you can’t use a shield if you have a bow or two-handed weapon equipped, from what I can remember. Took me a while to work out why my shield never came out.




I mean, of fucking course. Of course! But fuck off. Fuck right off.


I doubt they would, but I’d totally play BOTW 1.5 again.

Just show the era shown in the Memories. Let me explore Hyrule Castle, as Zelda, in its full splendour. Let me see what those ruined towns were once like. Introduce some enemies that got killed out over that 100 year period. Move a few settlements elsewhere. Stick a few classic dungeons in. Let me tackle the leviathan’s.

I’d play that for another 300 hours.


Hmmm. I keep forgetting about this. Mostly because Stasis is the most fucking useless rune so far, but it might actually be game breaking now thinking about it.

How do you get it? I honestly don’t know what armours I have beyond the environmental ones. I’ll have to check.

Yeah, the timing is the problem I guess? Or maybe I’ve not realised I’ve had the arrow and bow out or something? I’ll need to check.

But honestly the combat to me feels like Fighting Game Button mashing. Sometimes I can kill the grey small baddies easily, other times they’ll one hit me to hell and back. It feels so random,no.matter what level of weapon I try and use.

So much so that I actively avoid any combat whatsoever and just skip any battles I find. The guardians deme so out weighted against me it is unfair. Like I burst out laughing when I went into that huge ravine and thought “oh cool, a huge empty temple!” only to be pummelled by six or so laser things.