Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


I actually thought the game was pretty intuitive, if you paid attention to how the world interacted to everything you did it made a lot of sense, some trial and error for sure but its a game that relies on the player to figure out the rules but its not all that obtuse really.

I never really felt at any point ‘that makes no fucking sense’ or ‘how was i meant to know that’ once you learn how the world works it all clicks into place rather effortlessly. Just need to pay attention to how the world reacts to everything you do, but we’ve been so conditioned not to try something until a tooltip tells us that it seems unnatural to experiment.


Don’t mistake these niggles - I’m in love with the game. I just think I like the open world, hunting, climbing and doing random pish, that once I remember there is a game story to advance it becomes a lot worse an experience.

I think the issue I have is this. When I was at school, everything was taught in isolation. Maths, chemistry physics, English - all separate in their own silos. When it came to merging them in one cohesive concept, later in school, I’d not been taught skills tk merge them - so writing out the narrative of an experiment in chemistry in English explaining the maths and theory, for example. The linking of them was a huge issue.

Here I find the same. The shrines are combat I guess, but it is hours between encounters, so I never remember how to do it. Same with the runes - always think and focus on a shrine, but in the outside world I am so used to games not allowing things to be used like that everywhere I forget.


there’s a huge shared unspoken language of gaming though that you accumulate if you play enough of a genre


Those first few hours are why I think it got ilthe initial comparison to Dark Souls.

I kept charging into battle and treating it like Bayonetta and getting mullered. But go in gradually, shield up, dodge, wait for them to commit and tackle enemies one by one and it’s a really rewarding battle system.


Categorically disagree with this. It is easily the least intuitive experience I’ve ever had in a game. The first moment an bomb arrow exploded on Death Mountain, or I was hit by lightning when there was a thunder storm, or the numerous shrines where there was no clue as to what to do - the game has been hiding so much of it self from me, it has been mind bending.


This. Absolutely this. Can’t stress this enough.


I hear what you’re saying, but once I twigged the elemental system and that lightning was bad if wearing metal, water freezes, fire and grass are bad etc it all then felt like a big playground.

Cooking was bollocks though.


like the first thing you learn playing games as a kid is if the main path is right then you always go left first as that’s where the secret is. This makes no logical sense outside of having played games though


I mean it’s not like a point n click game where you use a rubber chicken with a pully to solve a puzzle. It all made sense if you think about it.

I actually think younger people will fare a lot better with the game than us adults as all the popular games out there among that demographic encourage and reward experimentation and exploration and offer very little in the way of objectives. I guess if you hadn’t been exposed to those games at any point or read about them you’d be completely taken for a loop, especially if you were expecting a traditional open world RPG


This took me hours. I avoided Faron entirely until someone in here mentioned it. Same for the bomb arrows. Everyone online on Reddit was talking about how amazing it was to discover it, but to me it was just a pisser (and I though was a bug) as I died three times because of it.

Seriously, I don’t understand why I find it so obtuse then. Is it because it is the first open world game I’ve played since GTA3? Is it just updated conventions? I hadn’t played any games from. 2012 to 2017 and missed a chunk, so maybe that’s why it all seems to overwhelming to me?

I feel like the game is incredibly complicated and complex, but so much so that there is so many mechanisms that can help you to complete that I just miss them or don’t realise their importance.

Or maybe I am just trying to find excuses for the reasons why I adore a game but actually hate playing it most of the time. Like, I wish the guardians would just fuck off so I could enjoy the exploration of the castle. That seems like bad game design, to me. Or something? I can’t quite out my finger on it.


Thats totally it, you grew up in an era of restrictive game design and missed the sandbox turn gaming took.


I do know what you mean. Helped I was playing it at the same time as lots of other people, so those first few days were like being back at school and swapping stories in the playground

Twitter was full of people saying ‘Holy shit, wooden shields break when you slide down hills on them! You can set fire to the clothing of some enemies!’ etc

It took me a few of these to twig how the game worked and I died SO many times in cold areas until I twigged about the peppers. But I perversely loved it as I never had miles of retreading my steps.

After the handholding of Skyward Sword it just felt joyous to me to have to unravel a game and devote months to something after 2 years of nothing much to play on Wii U.

I still see people doing things I can’t fathom now.


Soldiers armour… I seem to remember buying this in a shop early on, maybe in hateno? Seriously though if you go to a town just go in every building, every shop you come across remember if it’s got cool stuff in you can’t afford yet and go back later.


So the clothes shops actually have a point? Fuck! I just assumed it was like the cap shops in Mario! Oh bloody hell. Does the dye shop do something too?

I’ve just remembered that I came across some dickhead wanting to customise my horse - is that another thing I’ve missed that might help?


You haven’t upgraded your clothing?!??!?!? Shit no wonder you’re struggling so much


I would say wearing non metallic armour to avoid lightning strike was intuitive. Heck, I say it wasn’t intuitive if it didn’t make a difference. Its more realistic if anything, previous games weren’t.

Once you realise quite how logical the environmental effects are you do start looking for them and they stop being so obtuse. I think previous games just make you unprepared for the level of detail in it really


Actually the dye shop is just cosmetic lol


I just wear the Zora armour the entire time really, just swimming up waterfalls and shit. Some dick gave me a Guardian Resist Beckley in Gerudo, so I wore that last night and it did fuck all.


The clothes give you elemental effects so you dont need to keep on relying on meals to not die basically


Thats very situational armour! You only need it in that area I would deffo not use it anywhere else