Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild




Did you ever go into the clothes shop? The items description tells you what perks you get


This is a rule for every RPG

Clothing = stats. Deffo the right mentality going into RPGs is to upgrade your gear as soon as you can afford


Yeah, likely I did back at the start. Maybe even bought one? But I just thought they were just cosmetic. Didn’t really feel any focus on them. Didn’t realise the importance beyond the four you get given


For fuck’s sake pals I don’t have time for another playthrough now!


yeah you do it’s only about 100 hours


I dunno but now I’m considering a tough mudder playthrough where I don’t upgrade anything!


*46 minutes


I finished the game and it didn’t let me carry in playing to do some of the bits I’d missed. Which is a bit annoying as now have to start the game all over again.


How come? Once you resume your save after finishing it just puts you before your last save doesn’t it? I carried on for ages


I was, for a while, refusing the fast travel option too. Sacked that off the moment I opened up Gerudo and Rito.


This was what I thought but it didn’t? But maybe… puts disc in WiiU now it’s got even weirder went to the last save point and it hasn’t registered that I’ve completed it I didn’t think. Last save place is at the bottom of the castle…
Oh man!
But yeah I can play the game from wherever as can goto the save points but that’s not on completed game just at a point before completion.


Yeah that’s right, it doesn’t really register you’ve finished it apart from I think some mark on your map. It’s so you can finish it again once you’ve git all the memories and see the other ending



Good job there’s none of those lying around the castle


Yeah just went to top of castle. In a room with purple gunk and stripy tentacles.
Shown on map by a big orange blob.
I shall pick up the game again then…


You very much learn to pick your battles and use the environment around you to defeat the enemies, so then you’re getting on high land near a camp site so you can pick out the scouts, blasting explosives to weaken them before you enter etc.

Absolute magic… and if you were able to charge in and beat enemies you’d perhaps never engage with the incredible mechanics they came up with


oh well, looks as though i’ll be firing up zelda again tonight.


You can avoid those though right?


@sheeldz I have the official strategy guide I can lend you if you want? Think it’ll help nudge you in the right direction on some things


Think you can avoid pretty much the whole castle apart from Ganon… If you’re a pussy cat