Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


So many cool mechanics in this game I remember:

  • electrocution enemies who are stood in water by firing shock arrows into the water
  • lighting fires, not being able to if it rains but then succeeding after lighting the fire under an overhang so that it’s shaded from rain
  • having a giant moblin get frustrated at me, pick up the nearest enemy and actually use it as a weapon by throwing it at me
  • killing the floating wizards in one hit using the opposite element
  • riding a deer!


Hate those floating wizard pricks


But once you learn the trick above they are the weakest of all.


Fuck I just want to Zelda but instead I’m watching my son play Lego City.


Oh yeah, forgot this one. Using magnesia on a large object and swinging it into one of the derelict guardians, knocking it over and revealing ancient treasure underneath.

Likewise, creating an ice block underneath a derelict guardian sat in a puddle


Killing guardians in botw

Equip a guardian shield. There’s an audio cue of when to parry. Just hit the parry button on the Audio cue and it will reflect it back. Just practice for a bit and you’ll get it


This happened to me for the first time last night. Giggled like a prick when he missed. Haha.


I play on mute 100% of the time. Handheld play while watching Shite On Telly ftw.


DM me.


So you’re playing while watching tv and wondering why you don’t get the mechanics?

Definitely the games fault


Steady on bud, I’m saying there is shite on telly and I play with it on mute. I’m playing the game, my wife is watching shit. Also, let’s not even touch on the fact that I can’t play video games in headphones due to being deaf in my left ear.

Rush to judgement is a bit much.


Nope your not playing it properly. It’s your fault not zeldas


Right pal. Cheers for the help and input.



Don’t think I ever even saw a bear in the game. And I played it for 140 hours and covered at least most of the map


I fought one right at the beginning when on the treasure quest at the first stable on the road to Kakariko.


Remember trying to board that skeletal horse and getting blacklisted by the stable. Class.


Yeah they didn’t like it when I tried to board the Mountain King either


Oooo THANKS!!!


Mountain King fair enough as it’s a spirit and Iwata tribute. Would love an update to have stalhorse and bear able to go to stables though.
But obviously the one update the game is very sorely lacking: the ability to pet the dogs!