Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Had a great example tonight of the opposite of this. In the Ishto Soh (Bravery’s Grasp) trial, there is a high ledge, a wee floating platform on the floor going back and forth, and a switch. The switch moves the pillars like an escalator. I know I have to somehow get the switch to move while I’m on the steps, but I cant do it. Remote bombs aren’t helping. I’m stuck.

I go onto the Internet and it’s like “oh, see that laser? Pick it up. You can use that to place onto the platform”… No where else have I moved the laser, there is no teaching experience for the laser being movable, and it doesn’t much any of my previous experiences with lasers.

What gives? Am I just dim? Did you realise that the laser was pick up?


tried to do a tutorial for you on how to easily beat guardians, but just missed the first bit. on reflection, doing it naked was a bit shit eating, sorry about that.


That shrine is just hard tbf tbh. One of three or so I had to resort to looking up.


He only went and did it, the absolute madman!


I dunno man, so many games have these so called ‘refraction’ puzzles where move lasers and sources of light thats its now sort of unspoken code. But again if you haven’t had much experience with games like Tomb Raider (moideen) and Uncharted and other games with puzzle rooms than I can see why it wouldn’t seem intuitive

You need to change your mindset, this game doesn’t teach you everything up front, you need to remember what your core abilities are and not what you’ve been told.


Yeah, but grabbing a laser isn’t something that the game had taught me. A quick squiff over Reddit suggests everyone else was trying my two bombs technique but they’re better than me at it.

At least you said it was unintuitive :wink: haha


As others have said, the key is remembering what you’ve learnt of the game mechanics and thinking about how to apply those in each situation. In the heat of the battle, I’d often forget about the fact I could freeze enemies with stasis for example. The game will never tell you what to do in a certain situation, but it has taught you all the things you could do.

So you know that completing shrines allows you to power up your hearts / stamina, that buying clothes gives you better abilities, that you can upgrade clothes in fairy fountains, that you have rune abilities, that the game has elemental and environmental effects, that you can use your shield, sword and bow. Go use all that stuff creatively during a battle, for example. Don’t just rush in mashing buttons.

Another thing to note is that the game does give you hints on the loading screen (after you die, I think). Pay attention to those, as they explain at least some of the ‘hidden’ mechanics of the game.


I think the key in this game is that there are so many ways to do certain things so teaching you “the way” in a tutorial wouldn’t make sense. The developers want to encourage you to experiment, to fail, to force you to rethink, to do it completely unconventional.

For example, in the lost woods:

Where you use an obviously place stick to light off some torches and then use the direction of the smoke from it to guide you through the woods. I already had a fire weapon equipped so saw no need for the torch to see (as I presumed it was for). I completely missed the obvious clue and got stuck. I worked out it was wind related and noticed the grass moving. I instead used the direction of the grass blades in the wind to get through. Completely not what was the main intention, but was more satisfying to do it another way and it still work. This is possible throughout the game.


So that ks to you all I managed to get round the bank and into the castle using a mine cart.

And oh boy is it fun once you’re inside. I spent a few hours working my way through (not realising I had to remember the recipes in the library oops) and scaled the castle to find Ganon.

And he is a pure dick. I am so out of practise on the Blight Ganon thst Calamity Ganon seemed like a really difficult boss. Managed to get him down to maybe 1/4 health but after that I struggled to get any hit on him, even when trying the dodge on the laser beams.

So before I ran out of every meal, every boy and arrow and every shield I had, I loaded the previous save file and fucked off back to normalcy. I’ll got back in once I’ve scoped out a load of the armours and got a shit load more Ancient Arrows.


The divine beast skill you get from Thunderblight Ganon, the master sword and bomb arrows are all pretty useful


Honestly, was does the Master Sword do that is different from other weapons? It is numbered 60 - a lot less than all the others (I found a 95 weapon in there), and the game has been really cute about how to actually use it.

The Urbosa thing only works a few times. It doesn’t seem to do much damage and the “freeze” part of it is hard to master.


You can’t pet them but you can give them a steak.


It’s definitely stronger against guardians, not sure about Ganon. Guess really the main benefit is that it doesn’t break, and while it restores you can switch to other weapons. I didn’t find the fight that hard, just super super long. I convinced myself I wasn’t doing any damage at all at one point, until I remembered Urbosa’s fury. You’ll remember better than me, but I thought that was by far the biggest hit you could take on him.


Aye and follow them to the hidden treasure :slight_smile:
Still would be great if you could pet them and maybe even play fetch. Have to hold something back for the sequel though! :grinning::wink:


Interesting. I knew I was fucked so I bailed. I’ll go in again shortly - enjoying climbing around in Hebra at the moment. Selmie expects too much from me.


Dropped back into this for the first time in 6 months last night. Stopped playing just after beating the 4th divine beast, and have lacked the motivation to pick it up and finish it.

I’d bought the DLC not long before giving up on it, so its been quite good to get back into it by going around doing the DLC sidequests. Have discovered a couple of areas I’d never been to before by doing them, which is amazing in a game I’ve sunk 100 hours into. Found my 100th shrine too. Kind of want to 100% it now (except for Korok seeds, sod finding all them), so Ganon might live a little longer.


Finding half of the Korok seeds is enough to get the full benefits of them.


How many is that? I’ve got about 150. Don’t really go looking for them, just happen upon them when doing other stuff.


Have you got the mask? That will sort you right out.


Yep, that was the first DLC side quest I did. Always forget to put it on though