Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild


Theres 900 total so about 450. Once you start seeing the different ways you can find them you will start getting them everywhere.
Edit: I’d recomend doing all 120 shrines and getting the 450 korok seeds before doing the DLC to be fair.


Some of them are so obvious it amazes me I spent 80-90 hours just ambling past them obliviously


I love this game but I lost my momentum a few months ago when I got to Divine Beast Vah Naboris. The Divine Beasts are the only part of BOTW that I don’t much enjoy. Puzzling on that scale feels tedious amongst everything else. I do like the shrines, and I’ve loved dungeons in previous Zelda games (many of them far more fiendish), so I can only think it’s the contrast in gameplay that makes these sections drag for me. The boss fights aren’t too bad (Thunderblight seemed tougher than the rest), but aren’t that interesting either, and come at a time when I’m itching to get back to the big wide world.

Anyway, just returned to the game after a few months away and have rekindled my love for it by mopping up some side quests like getting a photo of a Stalhorse, and generally roaming around on my faithful steed Ritz (named after the crackers).


I think my horse, which I’d had since the first time you need to catch one near the start, has died :frowning: don’t even know what happened, got off him to do something, went back and he was gone, can’t board him at the stables or anything. RIP Barry :frowning: gave him red hair so he looked like a Ponyta and everything

his replacement, Barry II, lasted about 15 minutes as some twat on a horse one shotted me and Barry II with a fire arrow from nowhere. RIP Barry II :frowning:

Barry III is doing OK so far, but we’ll see.



There’s somewhere you can go to revive dead horses


Took me ages to work out what that location was for as when I arrived I had no dead horses (or indeed any horses at all) and so the NPC just seemed to be talking utter nonsense to me.


I read this and presumed someone thought they were posting in the Red Dead Thread and fucked up…


Pet Sematary?
Real talk: Thought I’d lost Epona at one point but was able to get her back via amiibo :relieved:


yep have read something about that, so Barry will rise again!


Barry III’s probably going to be a bit upset about that, no?


the rate I’m getting through horses it’ll be Barry XXXVII by that point


Does anyone fancy using the rest of 2018 to clear the backlog and start a fresh playthrough of this next year? Do a DiS playthrough of it, and almost like a book club report back each fortnight on what we think.

Maybe we all agree to go a similar way or reach a pivotal moment to discuss it…



I would be up for this but only just finished it for the 2nd time, 250 hours is enough Zelda for a while!


Bams right. There’s too many new games coming to throw another huge amount of hours into this. If more dlc comes I’ll go back but I don’t think a 2nd playthrough so soon would be great.
On the plus side @sheeldz will be playing this well into 2019 :wink:


Fair enough, couldn’t see many big games on the horizon for us Switch owners so thought it may be time to go back in.

I think I will in the New Year regardless. Miss Hyrule…


Off top of my head - pokemon, smash, daemon x machina Mario u, Travis strikes back. Still a few I’m 2aiting on deals for like torn., South Park and when ff7, 9 10, 10pt2 and 12 launch I’ll be well tempted.
Obvs not gonna get all of those but no bad for now till Feb or so.
Also “Miss Hyrule” sounds like a spinoff Koei Tecmo would do :rofl:


Didn’t know there was a release date for Travis or Daemon yet. That’s good news.

(Can’t see myself getting Pokémon or Smash and own NSMBU already. Dark Souls will keep me busy until May anyhow)


Appreciate many of you will buy those games though…


I still haven’t played it despite having had a Switch and the game for yonks.


This is why I’ve decided to get a new console. Life’s too short for me to wait for Nintendo to decide to announce something I want to play. I never got to this point with any other Nintendo Console. I think my tastes are changes or the Nintendo has changed their focus to other styles. Meanwhile there’s a growing list of great games on other systems I know I’ll like.