Legendary have the cinema/telly rights to Dune


:scream: fuck yes?




Watched it a few months ago, quite overtly Lynchy isn’t it, much more than I anticipated.


yes, absolutely. It’s kind of weird rewatching it now as it’s completely differently styled to the way I remembered


jodorowsky’s time is now!


Not seen it since I first saw it fucking years ago.



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also can’t understand a fucking word he sings


But every step he takes, you’ll be watching him?


Sure if he’s in eyesight


The original is possibly the worst film ever made.


the book is great


Yes, absolutely fucking hate it. Made to suffer through it three times back in uni days, ugh.


It needs a big budget TV series to do it justice really. Done well it could be a fantastic Game of Thrones style program.

Problem with that is that, as the Red Dwarf guys pointed out, it’s very easy to spend a lot of money making something that looks very cheap with TV sci-fi.


terrible film, even if lynch had been given his final cut it likely would still have sucked. the scifi miniseries is supposed to be a better crack at the story but i couldn’t get past the absolutely woeful CGI.


I’ve heard the Lynch cut is better, but it’s 40 minutes longer and I’m not watching a single minute of that festering heap again if I can avoid it.


It’s less of a total mess but it’s still awful and comes completely undone at several points. Pretty sure lynch has disavowed any of the cuts.


In a well-ordered society anyone who had dedicated 5 hours of their lives to watching both cuts of that disaster would be given medals or a telegram from the Queen. Not all heroes, EIV.


I thought it was alright
It was Dune ffs it’s not going to make sense