Legion (TV show)

Anyone watched this, then? New Marvel show but it’s by Fargo’s Noah Hawley so we’re all allowed to like it.
I thought the first episode was fantastic - one of the best hours of TV I’ve seen in a long time. Those sets! That dancing!

What do you reckon?

was going to watch it but it was already halfway through the telky broadcast so i will watch it another time on demand. Talk to you soon.

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I’m a sucker for anything with unscheduled dancing in it, so, yeah, enjoyed it.

It was great. I can forgive the ropey CGI at the end after blowing the budget on the kitchen scene.

I couldn’t help but think of “What if Wes Anderson directed the X-Men”


Nice nod to Let the Right One In in the swimming pool scene too.

That was frightfully mega

Absolutely brilliant. It just looks ~amazing~.

I saw the huge praise given by many critics before watching. I thought it was good but not great but certainly interesting enough to stick with for a few more episodes.

Nearly didn’t watch the first episode due to marvel fatigue: so glad I did though. Doubt it can live up to that and suspect it will gradually become more conventional (because I’m a miserable disser), but will be watching to find out.

I was so confused for the most part, but glad i got through

lots of potential in this one i think

watched the first episode while half cut and messing on my phone and thought it dragged a bit and lost the plot in the second half. rewatched it tonight with the missus while paying attention and thought it was superb, visually it’s incredible (weird CGI at the end aside) and the story does hang together if you pay attention. Sets things up really nicely.

3 episodes in and I think it’s one of the best things on TV (but I’ve also barely seen anything).
It’s visually arresting enough to carry any/all of its little flaws, and I reckon it’s got some fantastic turns from the lead guy (also recommend seeing The Guest - it was a tremendous Terminator/Halloween pastiche) and Aubrey Plaza.

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It’s really really engaging so far. It looks beautiful, and I’m finding the story suitably interesting while still not really knowing what’s going on. If they can keep that up it’ll be a classic, but a lot of shows have failed to keep that level of mindfuckery going and just descend into nonsense (Lost, Mr Robot…)

Anyone still on this? It’s getting even more weird. Nice to see Jermaine.


I’m still really enjoying this. Loved Jemaine’s character, hope we get a lot more of him in the coming episodes. Also think the big fight/dance sequence was just a joy to watch.

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I’ve seen the whole first episode (which I loved) and most of the second. Will watch more tonight.

Hope it stays cool and eschews silly costumery.

By the end of episode four it has.

Glad to hear it.

For the first 30 or 40 minutes I’d forgotten it had anything to do with superheroes.

I’ve seen four now. Still really good.

Is five out yet? I’m not used to being up to date with something.

I think it was on last night in the UK. Not seen it yet but saw something appear in my recording list thingy.