Legion (TV show)

So if I watch the next one I’ll have to wait a week?

This is bullshit.

Shouldn’t have watched three last night then. Please send me your evening’s viewing schedules in advance so I can approve.

It’s true I’ve mugged myself off.

I’ll take you up on this offer.

Over the next few days I might watch a couple of episodes of Atlanta (6 & 7), The Affair S01E06 and perhaps the first episode of The People vs O J Simpson.

Does this sound ok?

Yes I suppose so. I have watched Atlanta but not the other two.

Thanks chief.

Have you seen Love? Second series has gone up today on Netters.


What is love?

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Quite good comedy thing about stuff

Life’s too short for quite good, Lonzy.

I need nothing less than amazing.

Then you need to stop watching Atlanta

Ok then, I’ll lower the bar. I need stuff to be very good.

Episode 5 was on yestererday, and could be my favourite episode so far (which is saying something as it’s been really strong all the way through). So brilliant moments in this episode.

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Episode 5 was the strangest hour of anything I’ve ever seen. Fucking love it


Legion just gets better with each episode. How can you top last week’s with Jemaine Clement? Then this week was all David Lynchian in the Summer house.

Not afraid to admit it, my fave moments this week were when Cary nursed Kerry after she was bought back to the base almost dead. Imagine that, a superhero show that has me emotionally invested in the characters.

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Well shitting hell. That was amazing. Not to be too hyperbolic but everything about that episode was the best thing in the world.

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Episode 6 was ‘fucking bananas’. Aside from the slightly dodgy James Bond intro-style Aubrey Plaza '60s dubstep can-can, I think it might have been my favourite episode yet. Barely a whisper of plot development, but an amazing investigation of the characters’ psyches, and the music and set design were even better than in the preceding 5 episodes. NB I watched it very early this morning in a weird daze, which might explain my adoration. Definitely a show to be watched half-asleep.

How could you not like Aubrey’s slick moves? :smile: She absolutely killed it this episode though.

Oh, it’s been renewed for a second season btw, which is a massive relief as I hear the ratings haven’t been great.

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I can understand why ratings haven’t picked up - it’s almost completely nonsensical unless you’ve been watching from the start and you are prepared to invest a lot of concentration in it. I doubt that it is attracting casual viewers.

I really love it, there’s enough genuinely great moments each week to make up for the fact that it’s rarely clear what is going on.

And yeah [details=Summary]Plaza slinking about was definitely a highlight.[/details]

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So glad it’s been renewed for a second season. If it keeps on going the way it has been then Legion has got to be one of the best first season TV shows in years.

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Can’t wait to see Ep6.

If only I didn’t have an evening with friends planned.