Legion (TV show)


EmO’s making me watch his band tonight so I have to wait until tomorrow to watch it like some kind of fucking arsehole.


No friendship is worth this, let’s face it.


So glad it’s been renewed. Great news and very well deserved.
This episode was even better than last week’s. Fucks sake.


Watched episode 2 and I’ll be honest I struggled with it. Does it improve?


watched the first 3 episodes of this yesterday. really enjoying it, even though I have no idea what’s going on. nicely stylised as well.


Episode 2 is probably the weakest episode but that’s probably due to the fact it is used more as a bridging episode to get from the explosive first episode and setup what is to come in the series. It definitely gets better from here on in.


Audrey Plaza slinking about was embarrassing, like watching your mum or something. First bit I haven’t enjoyed.


I’m glad someone else agrees! Thought it was weird and cringeworthy in the extreme.


Still enjoying the show but wasn’t wholly satisfied by episode 6.

I don’t really like watching shows week on week anymore, especially when it’s a build up episode like this one. I’m much happier knowing that I can watch another anytime I want.


I didn’t mind this myself, through it showed how Audrey’s character was owning David’s memories well and in a slightly light-hearted fashion.


Really liked episode 7. Mainly for Jermaine, tbf.


Good wasn’t it?

I watched it this morning when I couldn’t sleep.


Lovely bit of accent work by Dan Stevens too.
Another excellent episode.


Fun to hear the little Patrick Stewart moment and I’m not even interested in there being an X Men link.


Yes, nor even am I, mate.


I bet Balonz was super aroused, he’s such a nerd about this stuff.


hmm was this not more or less confirmed by the appearance of Professor X’s wheelchair in the last episode?


can’t remember what it was exactly but something Jermaine said actually made me bark with laughter

the the really long ‘fight’ scene was amazing, especially as I watched The Walking Dead beforehand and I’ve basically forgotten what it’s like to be actually completely gripped by a programme for a while now

completely insane show but I’m definitely enjoying it and am impressed by it


Thought the exposition dump in the first half was the weakest the series had been so far. Loved what came after that though. Can’t believe it’s nearly finished already :frowning:


yeah him just filling in large bits of the plot was a bit silly - I kinda forgave it due to how great Dan Stevens was in that scene (and in general) though

might watch the whole season again when it ends