Lego Dickheads

I used to slag Lego off but don’t anymore. What is your storage solution (inc keeping all the colours separate)? Help needed.

As a bonus, here is a plane I made:


I do like the attempt to have at least some curvature on the wing

Yeah, that is what generates the lift.


I don’t think it’ll fly though

The wind is going to play havoc inside that cockpit.

It might do if I can make it all the same colour. Hence storage help needed.

How does the pilot get in?

It s a actually sealed, just doesn’t look it.

My nephew’s lego is all kept jumbled up in a box, which is how it should be.

Your attempts to create order are exactly what the lego movie railed against. (nice plane though)

I think you should stick to ballooning yor getting ideas above yor station

I suppose yor allowed to dream of controlled flight

We watched that on Sunday!

The problem is we bought a big box and it has a few examples you can make with it in a little booklet but it is a fucking nightmare without order!

Had one of those swoop mat things when we were little. Then we got too much Lego and instead we put it in two giant treasure chests. Obviously all the colours were mixed together because we were brought up properly (citation needed) (@safetywink)

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Your kindness has not gone unnoticed.

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Sadly I don’t have a solution. There are two large red plastic crates that have all my lego from when I was a kid. I’d like to organise those properly but I haven’t seen anything on line that looks great.

For the girl, we have a single box with one extra and the main cardboard box it came in was so large we just keep everything in there.

Didn’t own that particular set sorry

All our spare Lego sits in one of these boxes -

Great plane!

As an aside, I once wrote a song about making spaceships out of Lego which had the line: “This thing is never gonna fly, it’s a poor design built just for style”

I can’t help on the separation because, like others in this thread, I mix it up.