Like pniks said upthread, some sets evoke unbelieveable nostalgia. My brothers and I all loved Lego so it was all we asked for every Christmas. Used to buy multiples of some sets too so we’d have more parts. Our poor parents (I lie there, our Da fucking loved/still loves Lego.)


fair enough, lego it is pal

I laugh my cock off at you Lego fools.

Hans Beck pisses all over Ole Kirk Christiansen

I had this bad boy!


Lego sets I am most nostalgic for:

Got this whilst on holiday in the New Forest as an unexpected spontaneous parental gift, fucking great stuff:

This was my very favourite, a Christmas present which I have come dangerously close to rebuying on eBay from time to time:

The earliest set I can remember getting and being excited about:


Yes! That little pack with the monkey. Happy days.

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I had top and middle of those Any, fucking great. Loved putting the robot arms into the side of his head and making a little 2001 style space pod.

Would have killed for that. All we ever got was the small sets as we couldn’t afford those large ones. Guaranteed I spent hours longing over that in our local toyshop.

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That whole pirate range was solid gold.


ahhh fuck the pieces of treasure and the chests and monkeys!

also those shields! my sister had a massive set of the Amazonian things. amazing stuff.

loads of our LEGO came from car boot sales so we had fucking loads of random pieces, including several boats (but no sails).

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Fucking loved any kind of space thing that could adapt into a smaller space thing. The front two bits of that middle set were separate little ski rocket things as well, beautiful.

Ooft. I could only dream.

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I inhaled a lego brick through a tube once and choked and almost died.

I do not like lego.


Only ever had the smaller sets of those but they were ace. Absolutely loved this little one, don’t think I ever dismantled it so the Space Police boyo was turning up in pirate world or everyday life the whole time.


That design was amazing, properly customisable. What’s the damage for the Ice Planet set on eBay?

A monkey with a cutlass!!

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You’re looking at £60 or so I think

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I had this:

Upon looking back, it’s nowhere near as cool as the spaceships and so on. But it was good fun making a programmable Lego Robot.

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That era of Lego was the absolute best!

Yeah, we picked up a fair bit for car boot sales as well. Who needs sails and rigging when you can put wings onto a boat and make it a flying boat!

Absolute bargain for the joy that it would bring you.