I don’t think it’s the police - the building it’s next to is the school, which doesn’t make it any less disturbing tbh

I’ll check with Jim when he gets home later exactly what it is

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Ah, makes more sense with the grass between them. My brain just sees the blue and white building and automatically thinks Lego Cops.

I figured it out - it’s part of the Fire Command Unit, and apparently it’s a science lab for the fire unit to go and extinguish fires at

I remembered that all the instructions have been logged in the Lego Builder App, so I could just scroll through the sets and look for it


Expecting Stallone, Bullock and Snipes along any minute


I know I’m way behind the times, but has anyone watched Lego Masters Australia?

Jesus Christ, this prick:

No spoilers please, we haven’t finished.


fucking love it, he’s the worst bastard

Caved and bought Seinfeld.

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Fintans_cat walking up to the counter in the Lego store

kramer im out GIF


So… it’s done! The Titanic is all made!

Last bits of construction:

beginning of the propellers…

coming together

almost there

All fixed together

bizarrely, given the thousands and thousands of pieces, nothing was missing APART from the two flags which I wasn’t going to fly anyway cos it felt a little bit brexity. Not sure how the good folks at Lego could have known this but maybe they are psychic on top of being bloody great at designing models. Anyway, my wife made me the flag from Kiwi pirate comedy series “Our Flag Means Death” so that’s now proudly flying from the back of the Titanic:



-wow. What a piece of kit. Kind of really gutted that it’s finished now. I’m already planning ahead to taking it all apart and rebuilding it (next winter?) but I’m slightly baulking at the idea of how I’d ever manage to store the individual bits: I’d need a hell of a lot of tupperware. It’s a lot easier when the bits originally come in 46 individually sealed bags…

-very hard to say exactly how long it took me but I’d say at least an hour for most of the bags so maybe 50 hours all told?? That order of magnitude anyway. Took me just under a month from 26th of Dec to 22nd Jan but that was a week and a half of doing loads each day during the Christmas holiday and then odd bits and pieces at weekends since.

-value for money is hard to judge. Think it retails at £500 which is mad money and could never have justified. Glad to get it in a sale but still… Feels proportionate to other lego models though: it’s many many times bigger than the space shuttle I got last Christmas.

-build was great fun for the most part. There were loads of bits where I was going “what the hell even is this bit? How is it going to fit in with anything even vaguely nautical?” and then later going "ooooo, I see". Lovely stuff. There were a couple of bits that were quite repetitive (especially the portholes which were all made up of the same four pieces… and the funnels were all the same) but that’s kind of inevitable given what its a model of.

Overall 10/10 would (and hopefully will!) build again


Good lord that is enormous, where’s it going to live now?

Guess this means Puddington can finally rest too.


Yeah Puddington has gone to some much deserved kip with the other Christmas crew.

I actually cleared out the top of three bookcases and used a wooden board we had lying around in the cellar to make them level ahead of the build cos I knew it would be rather space consuming. I’ll take a pic of it with the shuttle in a sec.

On top of the bookcase: Cd copy of Wish and banana for scale:

It rather looms over the room


Wait until you get to season 4. There’s a new character who garners similar levels of vitriol.

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Hubris is the word that springs to mind, are we talking about the ‘character boss’?

Yep, that’s the one. They are quite something!

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Amazing the arrogance of these people who essentially get to play with toys for a living.

I’ll prepare mentally for that. We’re still only onto the season 1 finale.

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We’re not alone. There’s usually such a friendly atmosphere on Legomasters Australia but I read that the ‘Character Boss’ has been pointedly omitted from other contestants’ Instagram posts.

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Really? Doesn’t surprise me. You often have to wonder how much these things are edited to create “baddies”, but her hissy fits over certain things really do stand out.

There is a Lego Masters subreddit, and despite Kale’s arrogance, he frequently pops up in threads and chats with people. I think he’s very self-aware of how he came across. He was already a bit of a Lego celebrity and definitely played up to that. Enjoyed being the love-to-hate character.

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