Amazing aren’t they? What other body part would accept being clothed in the exact same material (work days only) all year round?

Faces are pretty good too as nearly all the time they don’t even need clothing!

Feet to some extent too but not so much.

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wonder whether this thread will have any



The lack of acceptance of shorts as men’s work attire is one of the most pathetic bastions of Conservative capitalism

I cannot wait to be back in shorts and flipflops. Maybe flush a few poindexters’ heads down the lav.

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Sipping on a Frensham libre


Speak for yourself. Mine are clothed in the same material every day of the year, both work and non work days.

Your legs are even more incredible! I would love to touch them.

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When I get home I’m all about getting in the JimJams and letting these legs breeeaattthheee

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Save it for Thurs…


Was almost going to Frensham this Saturday but going to Hanckley Common right next door instead.

You’re just in the wrong job, obviously.


I am an immediate jimjammer. Dish out a couple of kisses then straight upstairs for the jammers and some mahabis.

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Hope he’s alright

Getting some ingrown hairs on my legs due to wearing tight jeans on my legs.


Here’s a mole on my leg if you are interested?



Can squat almost 200kg and do calf raises until I cannae walk but my calves remain pathetic

Damn small calf genetics

my legs don’t work. Have constant shin splints that don’t seem to go and makes running really painful. So fuck’em

I am interested, thank you. In return, here are two freckles on my lower left leg.

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Vampire bite (that loaded really slowly for me like old school porn, v erotic)